WWE Lost Art: Do Current Superstars Have the Skill to Portray Heel & Face Roles?

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIAugust 19, 2011

Has the current skill to portray both roles as a heel and baby-face character been lost?

In WWE’s, “Golden Era” superstars like Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Undertaker and Chris Jericho could switch back and forth to assume the role as a heel or face.

It was easy for these superstars to switch their role of their character in an instant.

These legends know how to get a reaction from the fans whether good or not!

But now-a-days it does not seem so easy.

When you take a main star like the “Viper” Randy Orton and compare his heel persona to his baby-face persona they're almost identical, but watered down when he reprises the role of a face, which is his current role.

Same thing goes for others. Can you really see the Miz pulling off being a face?

It’s real easy to say yeah, they should turn him into a face.

But will he be able to pull it off; it seems fans will appreciate him more as a heel then a face.

Fans even go to the extent of saying, “John Cena needs to turn heel!”

Yes we have seen Cena as a heel before but now that he has blown up, especially with the “Little Jimmy” demographic behind him, maybe now he won’t be able to pull it off or maybe it won’t be too believable!

I will say this though; Cena is like the Hogan of today to a certain extent; Cena turning heel may get the same results as when Hogan first turned heel in 96’.

To continue, it’s like today’s superstars can only portray one role!

Well the exception is CM Punk, but fans will cheer him regardless, ever since he has been able to speak his mind.

But really does it even matter anymore?

I would say no; as long as the superstar is receiving a reaction and putting butts in the seats is all that matters.

We (the fans) are going to cheer or boo whomever we want, when we want.

But things may be changing due to the current shake-ups in the WWE.