Jamie Moyer: Future Hall of Famer?

Ryan SmithCorrespondent INovember 13, 2008

Jamie Moyer is one of the most likeable players to play the game. He's won the Hutch Award, the Lou Gehrig Memorial Award, and the Roberto Clemente Award—all of them in the same year!

He's exemplified how the game should be played on and off the field. I have met him on a few occasions and I know what kind of man he is. 

Now the question is this: Is Jamie Moyer a Hall of Fame worthy player?

I say yes because this man has gone through many tough years and has never given up. His father-in-law even suggested he quit.

After a rough start, Moyer joined the Baltimore Orioles where his career began turning around.

He really became a great player when he joined the Seattle Mariners in 1996. There, he spent 11 seasons and won over 20 games twice and made the All-Star team. 

Eventually, Moyer was traded, but this time to his hometown heroes, the Philadelphia Phillies. He's had a good career so far with them and is expected to return to the team in 2009 after winning 16 games in 2008. That's a record for pitchers who were 45 or older. When (or perhaps some people would prefer "if") he returns in 2009, he will be 46.   

Now looking at the stats, Moyer has a good shot at the Hall of Fame. There are 29 Hall of Famers who have between 200 and 300 wins. Moyer, who has 246 career wins, has more wins than 13 of them.

Moyer definitely has the seniority, pitching in 22 seasons with 3,746.7 innings pitched. He's pitched in 637 games and started 584 of them. He also has 2,234 strikeouts. Moyer deserves to be in the Hall of Fame.

All I can say is if Jamie wins at least 260 games and strikes out 2,400 batters, he is a definite choice. If he can stay in the game until he's 50, he could end up with 275 wins and 2,500 Ks.

Anything’s a possibility with Jamie Moyer.