TNA Impact Wrestling Removing the "Cancer"; Should Vince Russo Be Let Go?!

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIAugust 22, 2011

To improve, you must step back and analyze every aspect that you’re looking to improve on.

When this is done, you are able to reveal the key problems and factors that are holding you back from improvement.

Once that is done, you need to put on the gloves, surgical mask, grab the scalpel, and then proceed to remove the cancer (problem).

Although TNA Impact Wrestling has improved on-screen with the well received addition of the Bound for Glory series and interesting story-lines, there still seems to be internal problems in the organization.

This is not a good thing; behind the scenes rifts and disagreements between top Impact Wrestling officials can cause major problems.

Major problems can ultimately lead to major downfall.

Before this happens, you want to cure the situation by removing the problem or  the "cancer" of the organization.

When fans or other insiders of the sports entertainment field comment on the problems of Impact Wrestling, one name usually always comes up….Vince Russo.

You can now add Jeff Jarrett’s father Jerry Jarrett, who is also the co-founder of TNA Wrestling, to a long list of non-Vince Russo fans.

Following was reported by

TNA co-founder Jerry Jarrett had some strong things to say about what he thinks is wrong with TNA’s creative direction during a recent interview with

“Until they make radical surgical changes in creative, and unless they get some people who comprehend the wrestling business, they are doomed to be the financial drain on Panda [Energy] that they are now and have been since inception. The core of their problems is the creative development of their product. They have to cut the cancer out.”

Jarrett then named Vince Russo by the name as the cancer he was referring to:

“I would deserve the label ‘stupid’ if I had made the decision to hire Vince Russo. But I made the horrendous mistake of yielding to my son’s (Jeff) wishes.”

“He obviously has qualities that I don’t recognize or understand. How can a person who has a 15-year history of failure still keep a job?”


Why do all of Impact Wrestling’s faults always seem to fall on Russo’s shoulders?

In WWE, Russo was gold, but his ideas went through the Vince McMahon “filter” first.

When Russo left WWE to join WCW to turn things around; WCW would find out the hard way that Russo was not what he was hyped up to be.

We all know where WCW is now, and most of the blame was on Russo’s careless antics and strategies.

But things change and so do people.

However, people’s opinions sometime don’t!

Could Russo’s past be the key for him taking the fault of Impact Wrestling’s current issues?

In a way, yes it could.

But something must be up for Russo to be continually criticized.

This is the same guy that pushed Samoa Joe and AJ Styles to World Title runs.

Maybe it is time for TNA to part ways with Vince Russo  and head in a different direction.

Who would replace him, and who could improve on the problems left behind by Russo?

Paul Heyman is a name that has continually been thrown out there, but in actuality, Heyman wants to revamp the product by breaking down the roster.

With that factor, it is highly unlikely we will see Heyman in TNA; so if not Heyman. then who?

 These are all questions TNA will have to answer and when they do, hopefully they will be answered correctly.

Until then, let’s all enjoy the remainder of the BFG series and great in-ring action!