Detroit Red Wings' All-Time Best Goalie: How about Chris Osgood?

Paul W. ReevesContributor INovember 13, 2008

Who is the best Detroit Red Wings' goalie of all-time? Check out these Wings' record-holder candidates:


  • Hall-Of-Famer Terry Sawchuck with 351 total Wings' wins and 44 Wings' wins in one season?
  • Manny Legace with the Wings' all-time best save percentage of .918?
  • Tim Cheveldae for playing in 72 Wings' games in one season while logging 4236 minutes?
  • Hall-Of-Famer Glenn Hall with 12 Wings' shutouts?


All of the aforementioned goalies did a terrific job in Detroit. But, after tonight's (November 13, 2008) Red Wings' victory, current goalie Chris Osgood just jumped into 14th place on the all-time victory list for NHL goalies with 370 total career wins (285 for the Wings)!


Yes, with only 66 more wins for the Wings (he can take care of this record shortly after the beginning of the 2009-2010 season), Osgood will be the all-time leader for Wings goalie victories! Way to go, Chris!


Who is your favorite Red Wings' goalie of all-time?