Toronto Raptors Looking to Acquire Marco Belinelli

Robert Seagal-MisovicCorrespondent INovember 13, 2008

Monta Ellis is out, and Marco Belinelli is in Don Nelson's doghouse. Various sources in Italy have been talking for weeks of an inevitable Belinelli to the East trade, but until recently, it was just another rumor.

When the Raptors faced the Boston Celtics, there was something incredibly odd about Kris Humphries sudden and suspicious toe injury which kept him in a suit.

With all the smoke around Belinelli, we can logically assume that Colangelo has certainly made an offer to the Warriors, considering Colangelo was actively pursuing the young Italian in the 2007 draft, only to see him picked at 18.

Due to Humphries' contract being much larger than Belinelli's, the Raptors would have to get something else back, or involve another team to make things work.

Depending on how the Warriors feel about taking Kapono and how much faith they have in Graham and Humphries, one deal which would work would see the Raptors trade Graham, Humphries, and Kapono in exchange for Harrington and Belinelli.

While the deal is still a rumor at best, it does make sense for the Raptors to pursue the young guard.

He's creative off the bounce, a teammate of Andrea Bargnani on the Italian national team, and he's got enough athleticism and shooting ability to be better than any current Raptor wing player in the long-run.

He also serves the purpose of an emergency backup point guard, which never hurts.

If teaming Belinelli with Bargnani can bring out the best in both of them, a la Nowitzki and Nash in Dallas, a deal for Belinelli could pay off huge for the Raptors.