Brock Lesnar Destroying WWE

Daris BrownSenior Analyst INovember 14, 2008

Watch out wrestling fans, Brock Lesnar is destroying the WWE. Even though he's been out of the WWE for four years, he is starting to have an ill effect on the company that once was so good to him.

If you've followed Lesnar to his new venture like I have you notice one question that always pops up during his interviews, "What's the difference between the UFC and the WWE?" And his answer is always the same, MMA is real. Whoa, nothing new about that right?

Wrong. The potential new viewers that come from MMA is huge. They tune in to see these warriors battle it out in the cage, and every once in a while the commentators will point out TNA superstar Kurt Angle or WWE stars Undertaker and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Viewers who see them and kind of know what wrestling may tune in because of their "celebrity" appeal. But not if Lesnar and Dana White have anything to say about.

Lesnar is now MMA's "next big thing" and he is receiving the star treatment. And since reporters love back stories, it's only fitting that his days with the WWE pop up. Unfortunately for Vince he has nothing good to say about it.

So what? People have been bashing on the 'E, calling it fake from day one. No problem right? Errrr, wrong! This time it's coming from the mouth of a former top star. It's not the same as someone admitting that the ending is predetermined. It comes off negative and uncaring. He admits he was only in it for the money and basically gives the WWE no credit at all.

And his opinion is rubbing off on people. Don't believe me? Just ask Dana White what he thinks. When it comes to Lesnar, Dana has taken his share of shots at the WWE. On his latest blog ( he tells the people at THQ, the current company producing games for WWE , that their storylines are better than the WWE's because the UFC storylines are real.

Lesnar is on ESPN and other media outlets around the world, and he is consistently shining a negative light on the WWE. There's nothing they can say to stop him. And they can do even less. The only hope for WWE is the Lesnar gets dropped by Couture and loses out the rest of his fights, only to be dropped by the UFC. Or he becomes such a success, the only thing he talks with the media about is his upcoming fights. The latter is the more likely of the two.

But the real solution to this problem is if the WWE sought after former UFC stars, much like they did with Dan Severn and Ken Shamrock, and bring them to wrestling. An idea that isn't that far off (minus the Frank Trigg debacle). In fact it might even be in the works as we speak, but I'll shine more on this in the upcoming days.