Cougars Stomp on Wolverines

Parker DonatContributor INovember 14, 2008

BYU rivals took advantage of power plays by defeating the Wolverines 13-7 on Friday and 7-2 on Saturday.

Both games the Cougars found the open seams on the Wolverines defense scoring 20 goals after two games, while UVU only scored 9 goals after the two meetings.

At Seven Peaks Arena Saturday, BYU scored in the first minute of the game off a shot from the weak side. The Cougars found the weak side was their key to winning UVU.  After opening up the lead 4-1 in the first the period the Cougars used superior speed and positioning. 

“Tonight was tough,” said Captain Eric Bowman. “It was a game we would have loved to have won. It’s just not coming together for us. We’re in a slump and when you’re in a slump like that it’s hard to come out of it.”

“They broke down our defensive zone tonight,” said injured assistant captain Michael Drummond recovering from a stretched MCL. “We had a lot of stupid penalties today. A lot of them were worth it, protecting your teammates you know.”

Drummond continued to say that they played lazy. They lost their cool by tripping the other team. Fixing that will minimize mistakes in the future.

Head Coach for the Wolverines, Tony Furness just had his gall bladder taken out and did not attend the games. Helping coach was Coach Cook who helps the team when he can.

Focused on improvement Bowman says that BYU exploited a weakness that they know we have. During power plays BYU dished out nearly four goals just off power plays. The backside defense needs to get better and it’s an issue that’s going to be addressed at practice, says Bowman.

Coming on the ice Saturday, the Wolverines choose to wear pink as they came on the ice. The jerseys are in memory of a friend of the team who is fighting breast cancer. The money that the team made off tickets sales will go to the breast cancer research foundation.

It was the first time to wear pink jerseys says Bowman. He is doubtful they will use them again.

One thing that did go right for the Wolverines was the impressive school spirit says Bowman. “Our schools got a lot of school spirit. UVU had more fans than BYU and or fans all stayed the whole game even though they were down,” said Bowman.