Graham Harrell: Heisman Hopeful or Heisman Favorite?

Inactive InactiveContributor INovember 14, 2008

Statistics don't lie, and Graham Harrell's impress.

332-463 for 4,077 yards with a 71.7% completion percentage. 

Add in 36 touchdowns against five picks and add in six rushing touchdowns, and you have yourself the Heisman favorite.

Tebow last year had 4,185 total yards in every game; Harrell is only 104 yards away from that, with four games to go.

Harrell is playing on a National Championship contender, and although he throws the ball 46.3 times per game, he leads the next person by 671 yards.

With Texas Tech at 10-0 and beating Texas and Oklahoma State, and a big game coming up on Saturday against Oklahoma, we shall see if Harrell is the real thing.

If he were to lead his team to the National Championship Game, then there is no doubt that Harrell should win the Heisman over his team-mate and beneficiary of Harrell's arm, Michael Crabtree.