WWE News: Backstage Updates on Kevin Nash vs. CM Punk

Al ConstableSenior Analyst IAugust 26, 2011

I think we can all safely assume that this feud is on. Two weeks in a row Nash has involved himself in Punk's matches and has twice cost him big. Yet surprisingly little has been said about what is in the works backstage.

Wrestlescoop reported that when Nash returned for his first Raw he refused to have his promos pre-written for him. The problem with this is that he was up against one of the best speakers in WWE and the topic was backstage references.

Unfortunately for Nash, Punk is an active full-time wrestler who has up-to-date material at his disposal. Nash on the other hand can only refer to stuff that happened in his WWE and WCW careers, as TNA references are a big no-no in the company.

Apparently Nash now accepts bullet point notes for his promos, but nothing else. Creative will write up some topics they think should be covered but let the guy cutting the promo run free with the material. Triple H is in full support of this method.

CM Punk, on the other hand, had an interview with Joe Cowley of The Chicago-Sun Times. The interview was pretty standard, but what stands out in this case was when Nash's first week back on Raw came up.

Cowley asked how Punk could keep a straight face when Nash called him a "short-order cook from a Waffle House." Punk's response? "I don't think I did...He's completely out of touch."

This is probably just CM Punk creating more material to be used on Raw and it's not the first time since the feud began that this kind of remark has been made. Two weeks ago Punk also informed Nash that it was no longer 1994 and that times had changed.

Nash has been joking to friends about how small Punk is. The joke revolves around how easy Punk was to Powerbomb at SummerSlam. In some regards this doesn't make sense as Punk is only slightly smaller than Shawn Michaels was back in his prime.

Perhaps Nash is just commenting on how easy it is at 52 years old to go up against someone 20 years his junior.