New York Red Bulls Pull Off 1-0 Victory Over RSL; Heading To MLS Cup Final

ThomasSenior Writer INovember 15, 2008

If you missed tonight's MLS semifinal showdown between the New York Red Bulls and Real Salt Lake, you missed an exciting match. Both clubs were hoping to reach their first ever MLS Cup final, but in the end it was New York who fulfilled their wish by beating RSL 1-0.

The match was hyped up to be a heated and physical matchup and it didn't disappoint. Strangely enough, it wasn't the goals that made this match so exciting. It was the lack of goals.

The only goal in the match came from Dave van den Bergh in the 28th minute which saw the Red Bulls win the match and advance to the final. Although the Red Bulls won, it was really RSL who stole the show.

Real Salt Lake had a total of 24 chances on goal but couldn't convert any of them. On the several occasion, the ball hit against the goalpost; and at other times they completely blew open shots. It was just an unlucky night for RSL. They blew all their chances.

With the win, the New York Red Bulls will be against the Columbus Crew in the MLS Cup final. The match will be at 3:30 pm on the 23rd of November.