Cowboys-Redskins: A Dallas Fan Blogs the Game, Part II

Brittany BakerContributor INovember 16, 2008

Here comes the second half...

For anyone who hasn't read Part I, I'll put things in perspective for you. I'm watching the Cowboys play the Redskins. I'm writing this (for the most part) chronologically as the game progresses. So, on with the second half!

It looks like the Redskins are marching down the field pretty easily. The Dallas defense can't let them convert third downs like this—it's giving them motivation and momentum in their home stadium.

Picked off! Terence Newman! Oh, boy, my chemistry set still works, as long as I have all the elements...(read part I to understand this analogy fully, although I think it's pretty self-explanatory here).



From the infamous "Flozell False Start" to the illegal formation here in the third quarter—the Dallas Cowboys lack discipline. Wade Phillips is like one of those dad's that doesn't like to yell at his kids—he wants them to think he's their buddy instead of their father.  You know the kind of dad I'm talking about.

Phillips is that kind of coach. I know he doesn't want to be a crotchety old coach like Coughlin, but there's a happy medium. 

The Dallas Cowboys are playing like a high school football team with all these penalties. Before you know it, they'll be like the Mud Dogs in the Water Boy—before Bobby Boucher found Coach Klein's balls for him. 

Now we've got illegal use of the hands. Flozell Adams needs to be taught a couple lessons in the fundamentals of football. No more needless penalties!

Third Quarter Ends

Jay Ratliff has been popping up a lot lately, in a good way. From his sack on Jason Campbell in the first quarter, he's been putting himself out there and making plays.  Horse Trailer?

Madden Coins the Push Pass

Tony Romo is getting crafty back there, and I like it! Named the "push pass" by Madden, I'm loving the intensity and the motivation I just saw! Tony just pulled off a basketball-like chest pass to Miles Austin in traffic.

To all the fans that questioned Tony Romo's heart while he was away, watch this play and tell me he's not the same old Romo deep down inside. I dare you!

Let's not forget Miles Austin and his quick thinking on this play here. I don't know how ready he was to catch this "pass," but he held on tight.

Man, I love football!  The ups, the downs... I've laughed, I've cried. This is what it's like to feel the love of the game!


Well, hey there Martellus! Tell us, would you like to come away with the catch in double coverage? Oh, you would?  I thought so, here ya go. Pull it down against Landry and Horton to make the score 13 - 10. 

I knew you could do it.

(But I have to tell you, I've got no nails left on my right hand either now...I've been biting them all game!)

About Three Minutes Left...

Marion's back! He's playing with fire and it's almost the end of the game...either I was wrong about him not being able to produce towards the end of the game, or he shared juuust enough carries with Tashard Choice, or he dug deep and found his beastlike mentality in the momentum and excitement of a pivotal play; a pivotal game. 

(I think it's the latter... for my sake as well as his.)

Thank you Marion! You owned the fourth quarter, and I'm sorry I doubted you. You proved me wrong and I'm ecstatic!  In the last drive, every yard earned goes to Marion Barber... I wouldn't have it any other way.

14 - 10, Cowboys

Time for the after-party! Go Cowboys!!