Top Catfish Fishing Lures

Jess KContributor IIIAugust 29, 2011

There is nothing more picturesque than a lazy, cool afternoon fishing along a slow moving river for catfish. Cats are fun to catch because they fight, not too hard, but with a lot of weight and power. They put on their weight eating things that find their way to the bottom of lakes and rivers. Some of the best fishing lures for catfish are not your traditional lures, but instead creative food based lures.

Catfish are bottom feeders and are attracted to food by both sight and smell. They like bright colors such as orange or red. One of the best lures are Cheetos puffs. The bright orange color attracts their attention and the cheesy corn smell encourages them to bite.

Another colorful lure is strawberry Starburst that has been flattened out and wrapped around a salmon egg. The pink color and the smell of the salmon eggs work wonders. Cherry and lime Starburst are also effective lures.

Stale donuts with colorful icing will attract catfish. They seem to be intrigued by the bright color sprinkles on the donuts.

A couple of fishing tackle tips are helpful here. First, when you fish with these homemade lures, use treble hooks that have spring like coils of wire on the shaft of the hook. This helps the food stay on the hook. Second, use a medium to large fish hook size. They have big mouths and like to eat big bites.

Catfish are also attracted to really stinky, rotten things. A favorite lure is a raw chunk of Jimmy Dean sausage that has set out in the sun for two or three days. Another is raw Pillsbury biscuits soaked in tuna juice out in the garage for a few days. Raw chicken gizzards and livers that have aged a few days in the tackle box are also great lures. Make sure though, that these stinky lures are not in your house, or within smelling distance of your wife or girlfriend. They tend to disappear when that happens.

Of all fishing games, including online fishing games, making up new disgusting catfish lures is one of the most fun fishing games.