TNA Impact Wrestling Spoilers and My Thoughts for the 9/01/11 Taping

Alex BakerCorrespondent IIIAugust 31, 2011

Spoilers follow; if you don't want to read the spoilers, please close this article now!

 Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome! Once again it's time to look at the TNA spoilers this week. With the possible return of Jeff Hardy and two title matches this week, it looks like this could be a good episode of Impact.

However, before we begin I have to talk about what happened on TNA Xplosion this week.

One of the matches was for the No.1 tag team contender's spot and saw The Pope and Devon defeat The British Invasion.

My initial thoughts to this was, "Weren't British Invasion and Mexican America feuding?"

Why is the British Invasion, the best tag team in TNA now that Beer Money is heading the singles route, losing to a tag team like Pope and Devon?

Why are Mexican America the champs when one half of the team is terrible and the other half has never been that good, at least in my opinion?

All these questions and more will be answered one day...I hope.

Oh well, here are the spoilers for this week (the spoilers and results are in bold, my thoughts and opinions are not).

To start off the show, Hogan and Flair come out to the ring, Brother, and talk about Sting and Flair's upcoming match, Brother. Hogan doesn't seem to like the idea of facing Sting, Brother, but Flair guarantees that he'll beat Sting in their match.

They proceed to announce that this match will take place on September 15th's Impact.

Hogan then calls Angle out and announces that there will be a title match tonight between Angle and Sting. Sting comes out and accepts, but Hogan then decides that he's going to be the special guest enforcer for the match, Brother!!!!

Most people are going to expect me to bash this segment, and while I hate where this storyline's going, at least Flair/Sting will be on TV instead of at the upcoming PPV, and it announced the main event, so I have no complaints with this segment opening the show.

1) Gunner beat RVD after Jerry Lynn interfered to become the final man in the BFG Finals (Crimson was unable to continue in the tournament after Samoa Joe attacked him last week).

Hogan vs. Sting, RVD vs. Jerry Lynn, we're one Ultimate Warrior/Ric Flair feud away from causing a hole in the fabric of space. The late 90's called, they want their feuds back.

TNA, where everything old is still in the main event.


2) Brian Kendrick & Jesse Sorensen beat Austin Aries & Kid Kash after Jesse rolled up Kash.

I like how TNA is building Jesse, he looks good and can be a real X-Division star if given the chance.

I also like how they're building up the X-Division and putting it on TV more. 

Eric Bischoff is in the ring with all the Knockouts and starts to announce that Tracie Brooks (for the one millionth time) is going to be the new Knockout Law; however, just as he's about to award her the job he announces that Karen Jarrett will instead be the new Knockouts VP.

I hate Jeff Jarrett. From the stolen moves, the stolen gimmicks, the stolen symbols, the backstage politics, the sheer number of useless/meaningless titles he's won, the fact that the only reason he ever rose above the mid-card was because of his dad's connections, how he books himself to always be strong and win more titles in the end and now this.

There have been a lot of rumors backstage that he wanted Karen to be involved more, and so we get Karen Jarrett as the new face of the Knockout's Division, someone who's never been and never will be a wrestler, and is the face of the women's division. (At least Sharmell was a women's wrestler back in the day.)

Jeff Jarrett, you represent everything wrong with this business and backstage politics, and this just proves my point.

Matt Morgan calls out Samoa Joe, Joe beats him down, apparently it was a very good segment.

Maybe TNA will finally book Joe well.....oh who am I kidding, 3 months from now he'll be back to jobbing for the TV Title.

3) Mickie James beat Knockouts champion Winter (w/Angelina Love) to capture the Knockouts Title.

Since Hardcore Justice, two title matches featured on the show have been given away on free TV, with the titles switching hands.

Why do that when you're expecting people to pay money for these matches? I mean honestly, it feels like I wasted my money now because you're making it seem absolutely pointless to buy the PPVs if most of the title changes are done on free TV.

What was the point in even giving Winter the belt to begin with if you're just going to turn around and give it back to Mickie? It makes no sense.

4) Daniels beat A.J. Styles after AJ slipped on the ropes. Refused to shake AJ's hand after the match.

Daniels may be turning heel and going back to the Fallen Angle persona, good.

AJ and Daniels maybe having another feud, not so much.

Sad to see that TNA can't find anything other than to do with Daniels than to put him with AJ at every turn.

5) Kurt Angle beat Sting to retain the TNA World Title. Hogan hit Sting with a chair shot which he no sold after Gunner distracted the ref. Sting then got Angle Slammed while staring down Hogan. After the match Immortal beat down Sting and Mr. Anderson made the save.

Well, that should be fun.

Why can't TNA just let a match have a clean finish without Hogan getting his mandatory 15 seconds of TV time?

Overall this Impact looks like it might be a down one for me, but a few things give me hope. I'll have my review of the show up late Thursday night so be sure to check it out.

Until next time, this is Grim saying thanks for reading and please comment below.

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