BYU-Utah: Can We Leave Out the Holy in "Holy War" Game?

Nathan RobiteContributor INovember 17, 2008

On Nov. 22, 2008, Brigham Young University and the University of Utah will meet to resume their very heated rivalry, known as "The Holy War."

The past two seasons have been memorable for BYU fans, but agonizing for Ute fans. 

However, after last season's game, the rivalry took a new twist when Cougar wide receiver Austin Collie was being interviewed.

Facing 4th-and-18 deep in their own territory, it was the Cougar's last chance to keep their chances alive.  BYU quarterback found Collie streaking down the sideline at midfield to keep the game winning drive alive.

When asked about the outcome of the game, Collie said, "When you're living your life right, things like this will happen."

First off, I have grown up cheering for the Cougars and am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, which owns and operates Brigham Young University.

However, I have some disparaging thoughts on Austin Collie's choice of words.

I find these words very inappropriate to use in this arena.  It implies that living a "Holy" life will lead to unbridled success on the football field. 

I find it very hard thinking that God has anything to do with outcomes of ANY football game, or any sport for that matter.  He cannot choose sides, for, as we believe, we are ALL His children.

Second, he chose to use these words against the University of Utah.  The Utes have as many LDS students as BYU, if not more. 

Plus, this isn't just an "LDS" thing.  It would be inappropriate if he directed his words at Notre Dame or Southern Methodist.  There are plenty of people who "live their lives right" and don't affiliate with any religion.

Now, look at this season, Brother Collie.  Can you apply your words to your team and your rivals? 

What happened at TCU?  Were you out "sinning" the night before?  Was that why the Horned Frogs ran you right out of their stadium?  Were they "living their life right" that week?

How about the University of Utah?  They must be living right, since they came back from an eight point deficit late in the fourth to defeat a very good Oregon State team.

How about two weeks ago, when they defeated those same Frogs that stomped you?  Brian Johnson made the plays he needed to in order to score the winning touchdown. 

Must have been how he was living.

Now, Austin will have to face those Utes in their house on Saturday.  This will indeed be another classic Holy War showdown. 

The 11-0 Utes going for their perfect season and another BCS bid to follow the Urban Meyer-led Utes of 2004.

The 10-1 Cougars are trying to snuff out that dream and possibly sneak into the BCS and grab a share of the Mountain West Conference Title.

But this Ute team is stacked, well coached, and prepared for any adversity thrown at them.  

BYU, however, has struggled and shown plenty of weaknesses in getting to their 10-1 record. 

Well, Austin, maybe if you come out victorious on Saturday, you'll show us you can walk on water.