Florida-Citadel: A Look into the Future

Michael OleszekAnalyst INovember 18, 2008

Game Preview

This game will not be pretty. In fact, it will be downright ugly.

The game isn't even going to be televised on most cable packages because there are much better games to televise.

If other games on Florida's schedule are road bumps, this game with the Citadel amounts to the bug that gets smashed on your windshield. Florida will win the game without much effort, in what amounts to a glorified scrimmage, before next week's rivalry game with Florida State.

And, for those fans who complain about schools playing FCS teams, keep in mind that undefeated Texas Tech has played two FCS schools this season


Thank You, Seniors

Thank you to each and every senior Gator that will suit up for their last home game. Thank you for the 2006 SEC and National Championships. Go get another one. You will be missed.


What to Look Forward to in '09 and Beyond

The starters probably won't play more than a half, but here are some players you may not have seen that much this season who will get their first significant playing time:

John Brantley—Quarterback

Emmanual Moody—Running Back

Brandon Frazier—Wide Receiver

Cade Holliday—Wide Receiver

Deonte Thompson—Wide Receiver

Corey Hobbs—Offensive Line

James Wilson—Offensive Line

Will Hill—Safety

Justin Williams—Safety

Brandon Antwine—Defensive Tackle

Torrey Davis—Defensive Line

Jaye Howard—Defensive Tackle

Lorenzo Edwards—Linebacker


Game Prediction

Florida 77, Citadel 0