WWE: CM Punk Needs a Credible Opponent at Wrestlemania

Adam HassanContributor IIOctober 23, 2011

The "Best In The World" would be solidified as a top star by facing a credible opponent at Mania
The "Best In The World" would be solidified as a top star by facing a credible opponent at Mania

Tonight marks the return of WWE's once hit pay-per-view, Vengeance. The card is set with a myriad of potentially entertaining matches. The current card consists of very personal matches such as rising star Cody Rhodes taking on his former mentor turned scorned rival The Viper, Randy Orton.

Other anticipated matches include the immensely talented United States Champion Dolph Ziggler facing the internet's favorite broski Zack Ryder, the World Heavyweight Championship match involving The Big Show and champion Mark Henry, and most importantly, the WWE Championship match contested as a "Last Man Standing" match between champion Alberto Del Rio and John Cena.

Rumors have circulated that the WWE Championship match has tremendous implications on the future of WWE's newest top baby-face, CM Punk. The Pro Wrestling Torch reported last week that the WWE is planning to remove Cena from the title picture and start the full-fledged build towards his match with The Rock at Wrestlemania.

This means that Alberto Del Rio will pick up the win tonight and continue feuding with the self-proclaimed "Voice of the Voiceless," CM Punk. The report states that the feud is expected to last until Survivor Series.

Other reports from the Pro Wrestling Torch claim that the WWE plans on having Punk leave Wrestlemania as the WWE Champion. The report lists Alberto Del Rio and The Miz as possible opponents for Punk at the grandest stage of them all.

I, for one, find that as a gargantuan missed opportunity. CM Punk's emergence has garnered him a plethora of new fans and interest towards his character. WWE has done a stupendous job building him up as a credible face.

His match at the grandest stage of them all should be against someone well documented as a formidable and credible superstar in this industry. CM Punk should be put be over by a legend in the company, and not by a wrestler below him or on par with him.

If the WWE wants to capitalize on CM Punk's current push, they should book him in a match the fans have been anticipating for quite some time: CM Punk vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin. The two wrestlers themselves have an immense amount of respect towards each other and are clamoring for a match.

They are often seen poking fun at one another on Twitter, as a way to create an interest towards a possible feud. Their characters are so similar, yet so different.

And in a paradoxical manner, their characters mesh extremely well together. The material is there: both are anti-establishment, both are loudmouths and both stand for something renowned and appreciated.

With all that said, they have one striking difference. Punk vows to never drink or smoke whereas Austin is a known alcohol guzzler. Wrestlemania 28 is a perfect setting for this feud.

However, with all that said, Austin is suffering from an injury that may crush any chances of this match occurring, though popular wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer has reported that the feud is being considered from the WWE offices and that Austin is willing to do the job for Punk.

But if this match cannot occur, a match against his once bitter rival, now tag team partner for tonight's pay-per-view, Triple H, would suffice. Triple H is a legend in this building, and has proven to have chemistry with Punk. The match would make perfect sense to occur, and would be a nice consolation prize if Austin is a no-go at Mania.

Punk's current story-line may be disoriented and convoluted, but the WWE has a true gem in CM Punk and shouldn't take him for granted. With a distinguished opponent, Wrestlemania should be Punk's crowning moment.