Vickie Guerrero and Why the Weight Jokes Need to Stop

Ben Gartland@@AngryKCFanAnalyst IISeptember 4, 2011

If there’s one thing I hate in this world, is someone calling a woman ugly, fat or somehow degrading her appearance. However, when the insults aren’t even true, I want to kick their “skinny fat ass.”

So imagine my disgruntlement when week after week I see Vickie Guerrero verbally abused by the wrestlers and the commentary team, more specifically, Jerry “The King” Lawler.

I mean, insults in a scripted show have their place, especially if the talent is a female. Yet, it’s the fat jokes that annoy the hell out of me.

Let me put it into an analogy. There was this girl at my high school who, as a freshman, was overweight. Some of the mean popular crowd, more specifically some of the cheerleading squad, berated her for it. It was terrible, but it inspired her to work the weight off.

Now, two years later, she has worked off the weight and, if my girlfriend allowed me to look at other girls, I would say she is smoking hot. Yet, she still gets some fat jokes, all based on her past problems.

See what I’m getting at here?

The WWE is the cheerleaders. (Note, I am not trying to imply that cheerleaders are mean. I know plenty of some very nice, delightful ones.) Vickie Guerrero has worked her ass off (literally) and is now at a very respectable weight and looks better then ever. But the fat jokes are still coming in, especially from Jerry Lawler.

It needs to stop.

I remember an article I wrote last December that was complaining about the amount of respect Vickie was getting? The problem, however, still persists, even nine months later. What will it take for the WWE to stop making those jokes?

I have a problem with the ugly jokes too, but, like I said, those have their place in a scripted show. There is not a diva in the locker room who has not been called ugly at some point during a promo.

It’s the fat jokes that don’t make any sense that annoy me. It isn’t even Vickie Guerrero, but it lies in the past of the WWE.

Remember Mickie James’ last big WWE feud? It was against LayCool, and what was their main attack on Mickie James?

Her weight.

How did the Bella twins gain heel heat in their little mini-feud with Kharma? They made fun of her weight and appearance.


I know the WWE can be better than that, but it’s a must that they stop these jokes in order to not become hypocrites. Earlier this year they launched an anti-bullying campaign, which does not reflect what goes on in the show.

These are the FACES, the supposed GOOD GUYS making those jokes. Young people, especially the ones that look up to John Cena as their role model, are very impressionable. If they see their hero, their role model making those jokes, then they think it’s okay to do if the person is mean.

That’s not the way it works.

If the WWE is going to launch an anti-bullying campaign, they cannot have the face of their company making fat jokes, even to one of the most hated heels. Kids will see it as something OK to do. People are mean enough already, it doesn’t need to get any worse.

Now, I also don’t believe the diva heels should make fat jokes to other divas if they’re not anorexic thin. Mickie James was put in that feud with those insults because the WWE did not like where her weight was at.


Mickie James was not fat, not even overweight. She had a near-perfect body in my eyes, but apparently not the WWE’s eyes. A woman does not have to be a toothpick to be beautiful.

Now those impressionable kids I mentioned earlier, especially the young girls, will see that even Mickie James is not skinny enough. It will be ingrained into their brains as they enter middle and high school, and it will have an outcome in the way they see themselves.

Anorexia is already the third most common chronic illness among adolescents. A shocking 80 percent of 13-YEAR-OLDS have tried to lose weight. ( While the WWE is not the cause for those high numbers, they do have a substantial audience on whom they leave an impression.

If the WWE wants to put its money where it’s mouth is and actually live by their anti-bullying motto, then they will stop the fat jokes all together. Who knows, they have a very large audience and they could make a difference if they really wanted it to.

Take this article as you want to, whether preachy or annoying, but consider this: The WWE has a great state of power on television. They can shape these kids’ minds before they are subjected to the judgmental horrors of their teenage years.

If the WWE really wants to be a customer-friendly company, then they will stop judging their female talents by their weight.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed it and I hope it opened some eyes.

This is my last article for awhile. I will be taking a hiatus in order to focus on school, newspaper and debate. I may return around Thanksgiving, but I can’t be too sure.

Once again thanks for reading and, as always, Don’t forget to be awesome.