Mike Pelfrey Is Officially an All-Time Bust in New York Mets History

Mike MoraitisAnalyst ISeptember 4, 2011

With his head down, it's even hard for Mike Pelfrey to watch.
With his head down, it's even hard for Mike Pelfrey to watch.Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

You would expect with the ninth overall pick in the 2005 amateur baseball draft you would get a star, but that's not what the New York Mets got. Instead they got Mike Pelfrey—a guy who was so highly touted, some believed he could've gone even higher in the draft. Funny to think anyone would even waste their time now talking about Pelfrey, who has been abysmal and disappointing for yet another year.

What to do with Mike Pelfrey?

2011: 7-11, 4.68 ERA. 

Career: 50-52, 4.38 ERA. OUCH!   

The Mets had hoped at one point to combine the talent of Pelfrey with Johan Santana leading the way for a powerful one-two punch in their starting rotation. Problem is the talent and the power never came.  Santana has been hurt for over a year now, and Pelfrey has pitched as well as a No. 5 starter. Not exactly making it worth it to have to sit down with Pelfrey's agent, Scott Boras, and get dragged through the ringer during contract negotiations. At least he didn't ask for a private jet, or did he?

Putting aside the agent jokes, you have to realize the severity of this for the Mets. They had put their time, money and hopes into Pelfrey to have a bright future, but it never panned out. The Mets would be nuts to re-sign him past 2011. He'll be a free agent and they'll let him stay that way.

Now it's back to the drawing board it seems, and the Mets will have to spend their time developing other talent. At least for the nearly $4 million they paid him this year, they would probably find something better in free agency. That is if they spend that money and not save it. 

Dillon Gee was a pleasant surprise for the Mets this season; no doubt there will be some interest in seeing how the 25-year-old turns out. Don't forget Zack Wheeler, the top prospect the Mets received from the San Francisco Giants. I'm pretty sure after Wheeler takes the mound, Mets fans won't remember that guy...Carlos right? Wheeler was the sixth overall pick in the 2009 draft, so cross your fingers.

There is always that chance that the Mets will stumble on yet another bust, but such is the case for any team in MLB who pays a top draft pick. The Mets have some good young talent on offense, but they have to hope they don't find another Pelfrey in their batch of pitching prospects. It makes it all worth it when you do find that Hall of Fame, legendary player.