TNA Impact Wrestling Spoilers and My Thoughts for the 9/08/11 Taping

Alex BakerCorrespondent IIISeptember 7, 2011

Spoilers follow; if you don't want to read the spoilers, please close this article now!

Hello, everyone out there in Bleacher Report Land, it's time, as usual, for this weeks TNA spoilers. On the card we have another World Title Match, the return of an enigma and new No. 1 contenders in the tag team division.

So without further ado, here are this weeks spoilers:

(Please note that the spoilers are in bold, while my comments on them are not.)

The show kicks off with Mr. Anderson in the ring talking about how he was in a dark place and that he's sorry. He also announces that he's going to cash in his rematch clause tonight against Kurt Angle with Sting as the special guest enforcer.

Oh big surprise, a wrestling show kicks off with an in-ring segment. Can we please mix it up from time to time guys, that's all I want. Tell you guys what, we're going to play a little game here, below guess the day that Impact (or Raw or Smackdown) starts off with an actual match.

Like I said in my review of last weeks show, wasn't Sting the one who beat Anderson?

Didn't they kind of have a feud only up until like three weeks ago?



I just don't get why they turn people so quickly and act like we as fans are supposed to be like, oh it's okay for them to be working together because they both hate Hogan, now. In wrestling these days once a storylines finished they just ignore that it ever happened (I'm talking to you Kurt Angle and Jeff Jarrett, don't you guys hate each other? Why are you two pretending like you're 200 month feud never existed).

Final thought here, why are we having so many free Hwt. Title matches on TV these days? Shouldn't they be saved for....oh I don't know...the know the thing your asking your fans to pay 35 bucks for. Too many title matches make belts look like props Russo, you know this better then anyone (see the WCW Cruiserweight title in it's final days for more info).

1) Winter and Angelina def. Velvet and Mickie. Winter pinned James after blowing mist in her eyes.

I don't quite see where they're going with the Winter/Mickie storyline other then Mickie dropping the belt to Winter or Love on one of the next few PPVs.There's just nothing here to tell me that they'll do anything different, which yet again begs the question: Why did Mickie drop the belt to Winter in the first place?


I just don't get it.


2) Devon and Pope def. British Invasion to become No. 1 contenders for the Tag Titles.

Dear TNA, why can't you give the British Invasion a decent title run?

Why did you throw away the Mexican America/British Invasion feud?

Who's going to pay to see Pope and Devon vs Mexican America, anyway?

All this and more to be day......maybe.

3) Eric Young beat Robbie E for the TV title.

I am Jack's lack of care for the second most worthless belt in the company (only slightly behind the KO's tag belts).

Jeremy Borash announced the four finalists for the Bound for Glory series – James Storm, Gunner, Robert Roode and Bully Ray. They announced a Four Corners match for No Surrender with the winner getting the title shot at Bound for Glory.

TNA, you made the right move picking these four to be your finalists. I may not have liked it, but you can save the whole BFG Series if you pick the right guy to win at No Surrender, and that guy is.....James Storm (though I'll take Roode).


Storm has been stuck in tag teams for the better part of a decade now, and while Beer Money and AMW were two of the best tag teams of the past decade, you owe him a run at the belt.


He is gold on the mic, great in the ring and between him and Robert Roode, I'd take him every time (I sense a few of you may disagree, please comment below about which of the four you want to win).

Also make this an elimination match, please. Trust me, it'll be way better if it is.

"Bully Ray, Gunner, Robert Roode, I'm sorry....about your damn luck!!!!"

4) Gunner won a four-way over Bully Ray, Bobby Roode and James Storm in the Bound for Glory series.

No thoughts, it was supposed to be a very solid match.

5) Mr. Anderson defeated TNA champ Kurt Angle by DQ when Immortal interfered. Gunner ran in the ring, afterwords Immortal and Hogan laid out Sting and Anderson......BROTHER!!!

For the second week in a row we have a title match resulting in someone having to help Kurt Angle retain and a brawl in the ring afterwords.


What happened to the days when heels could win clean? Why every week do we have to make Angle and the belt look weak (and in return the guy that eventually beats him for the belt) by having him require assistance every week?

I just don't understand some of the things TNA and Russo do these days.

Jeff Hardy comes out and says that he wants "One More Chance" and that if he's given "One More Chance" then he'll show us all that he is a changed man. As he say's this the fans chant "One More Chance" while the band Mile Train plays the song "One More Chance" as they show the 2007 Romance Film "One More Chance" in the background.

You get the picture. Look I'm not a Jeff Hardy fan. I can respect what he does in the ring but for me at least, like Scott Hall and his brother Matt, he's not worth the trouble.

Sure everyone deserves "One More Chance" (you seeing the theme here) but you keep adding those up an eventually you've bankrupted your company hoping that as unreliable and unprofessional man is going to turn his life around. You're rushing him back before his trails even decided.

Personally I don't think TNA needs Jeff Hardy, they have plenty of guys that are way more talented then him in the back.


It's an outrage that Christopher Daniels has less title reigns as Jeff Hardy.

It's ridiculous that Jeff Hardy can cost the company as much money as he did with the stunt he pulled at Victory Road and still have a job.

And at the end of the day TNA might once again get burnt because of this decision and if they keep giving Jeff "One More Chance" then one day all we'll have is some footage of the TNA fans chanting "One More Chance" on the WWE's Rise and Fall of TNA DVD, and that will be one of the saddest days of my life.

Of course maybe Jeff did change himself, but the odds of that in my opinion aren't too high knowing the people he surrounds himself with.

Oh, and one more thing Jeff, when you get hit by an icon's finish, don't no sell it. I don't care if the match had an audible called or you were hit with a screw job or whatever, when an Icon like Sting hits his finisher on you, stay down and sell it like any half decent wrestler not named John Cena or Hulk Hogan or Road Warrior Hawk would do.

Anyway, this looks like it's going to be a good show and I will certainly be tuning in.

Thanks for reading and as always comment bellow.

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