Oakland Raiders' To Do List: Back to Winning Ways

George TitusContributor INovember 20, 2008

As an avid and passionate fan of the team, I am sick to my stomach as I watch the team that I have grown so much to love. It is absolutely vital that we move forward from the disastrous season that we are going through.

As a new day dawned last year, there was only hope in our minds that this team and this franchise was heading in the right direction. As soon as I realised that there was a possibility that this team had come to finally turning that dreaded cliched corner, the soap opera began.

The coach was on the hot seat, the D coordinator was on the hot seat, and then the rest of the script played out. It's like a reality show gone absolutely wrong–wow like reality shows are ever right.

It's that time of the year again when we have to look forward to what the next season has to offer and for the sixth time in seven years, I have to sit through the same press conference and be told how the "Raiders are going back to the old and how mean and aggressive they are going to become...blah blah blah..."

All this means nothing when it is not transferred into wins at the end of the year. Yet again, there is a lot of things that this organization has to do and we have to start from scratch...again

Most important thing to do is to make sure that Nnamdi Asomugha stays here for the rest of his career. In the perfect world, I would have given him a 11-year contract with about $13-14 million per year...then again, this is not Richie Rich.

There are many articles surfacing all over the net that he is going to get tagged again. As a fan and a follower of Nnamdi, I feel that it is absolutely wrong to do this again to him.

As a true testament to his character, he calmly showed up for camp and signed his tender without any drama, unlike some divas who make a big fuss. I am not going to name anyone...Asante and Briggs.

Next step to winning is to hire a GM. I am sorry Mr. Davis. I really admire you for what you have done and everything that you have stood up for. You never gave any importance to a person's color or his ethnicity to get in the way.

You allowed your passion to win and to dominate take over the team and they won...they definitely won. I will not say like some people that the game has passed you by. No way. You were once renowned for your football knowledge and you always will be.

I will respect you and stand by you, but for this team to move forward...We need someone that can handle the aspect of today's game. Once we hire a GM, we have to absolutely renovate the entire front office staff and clean out the cob webs hanging from the past.

People like John Herrera who are nothing but an insult to this franchise. We should cultivate that sort of habit among the team to dominate on the field and not the press rooms.

Next we have to hire a coach that has to be given the freedom to do what he needs to do to win. Let him select his staff and his scout team and make sure that they no their responsibilities. Make sure that the entire staff from top to bottom are in on this together.

I hate to say it, but our arch rivals like San Diego, New England, and Pittsburgh are right now on the right track. I know Raider Nation might never forgive me for writing about those teams and cities, but they have built winning teams, and that reflects on their fans and the city. 

By collecting high first-round picks, we have made sure to do absolutely nothing with it. Free agency comes and goes and in desperation we give out money for average players who do nothing to deserve a roster spot in the league let alone this team.

At this time is is very important that we create a sense of urgency within this front office to make sure that they put out the best staff and best players available to win. I am sure that many people as free agents might dread to come down to Oakland, but once the winning starts, everything will take care of itself.