WWE News: The Kevin Nash Release Is Official, or Is It?

Craig Holland-GreenfieldContributor IISeptember 7, 2011

Good day and welcome to my first article in a long time. And what better place to start than with textgate?

In recent weeks, Raw has chosen the textgate saga as the main focal point of its shows, even having multiple promos per show dedicated to the entire saga. It is a saga that has had the whole wrestling community watching in anticipation of who sent the dreaded text.

However, with Raw just gone, we finally found out and that person was none other than the recipient himself, Kevin Nash.

In all honesty, him being the sender seems to me like a huge cop-out because, much like the annoying anonymous general manager, the creative team doesn’t seem to have been able to attach anyone to it and include a story afterwards.

Needless to say, I have been left hugely disappointed twice since Monday night, the second time being upon finally watching the Lost finale.

As expected though, Triple H, the COO, finally laid one on Nash’s chin and fired him on the spot. Naturally, any firing in the WWE can be taken with a pinch of salt as the fired party makes its way back to the company pretty hastily.

The most recent example being the most hated/loved superstar of today, John Cena, who was gone a mere week before returning.

Now I’m not one to regularly visit wwe.com, but a short time ago a story was posted saying Nash has been released from his WWE contract as of Monday.

The story goes as follows:

WWE has come to terms on the release of WWE Superstar Kevin Nash as of Monday, Sept. 5, 2011. We wish Kevin the best in all future endeavors.

Short, sweet and to the point.

With Nash being unable to compete and no longer having the mic skills to even be near CM Punk’s level, it would only be natural to release him from his contract.

But what if it’s not true and the WWE is once again trying to fool us?

With Night Of Champions fast approaching, all speculation points to Nash interfering in the hotly anticipated match up between Punk and HHH.

If it does happen, the storyline can start picking up some steam and reach the apex it needs to keep fans truly enthralled.

Add in some factions or two and it may end up being story of the summer.

However, if his release is true, then I can’t see the story playing out too much longer and can only pray Punk is back in the hot seat for the title soon.


Thanks for reading my first article in months. Hopefully, it’s not too rusty. Hope you enjoyed!