David Beckham: Manchester United, Real Madrid, LA Galaxy and QPR?

Daniel GoochAnalyst ISeptember 8, 2011

David Beckham has had an amazing career. He's played football all over the planet and been loved by millions thanks to his amazing skills.

Now it might be time for a new challenge.

Beckham has played for English champions Manchester United, Spanish giants Real Madrid and American underdogs LA Galaxy.

However, there has now been a proposed link to the newly-rich Queens Park Rangers.

QPR is not the first, second or even among the top 50 teams that one would think of when contemplating where Beckham could go next.

His contract with Los Angeles runs out in November. With no major team looking interested in snapping up the most famous footballer in the world, a move to the recently promoted North London side is a real possibility.

This is not just speculation, either. Neil Warnock, QPR's manager, said the following:

"About three weeks ago I would not have dreamed to sign Joey Barton so I will never write anything off.

"The chairman Tony Fernandes has got such [an opinion] - why accept the average when you can reach for the top? That is how he is.

"It came out of the blue. I think anything is possible. He is a very astute businessman."

It is not a certainty that the England international is set to return to his home nation, but there is a possibility.

Just imagine if he did join QPR...David Beckham vs. Manchester United.