NFL Predictions Week 1: Seahawks at 49ers, Both Are Unpredictable

Grant KoenekeContributor ISeptember 8, 2011

Get Ready for a LOT of this!
Get Ready for a LOT of this!Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

NFL predictions are harder to make these days.  The Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers did not do themselves any favors this offseason with their moves.

By NFL standards, the Seahawks became the youngest and most overturned roster in the league.  The 49ers didn’t run over as much and added a big-time receiver like the Seahawks.  Neither team addressed the need at QB.  Since both teams will be so unpredictable, a prediction on the score feels like spinning the Wheel of Fortune and just waiting for it to pick a winner.  I could flip a coin, I guess.

San Francisco is coming in with a new head coach.  Jim Harbaugh will make a difference to the 49ers, but he won’t do much this year.  Andrew Luck, who will have an extremely high Wonderlic score, had problems with the massive playbook that is Harbaugh’s offensive bible.  Don’t look for the 49ers to be very successful this season.

Seattle did what it did last season and turned over its roster so much that only 10 players from last season's roster are still there.  They brought in a new offensive coordinator from Minnesota and then decided that since they added Sidney Rice, they might as well pick up Tarvaris Jackson.  Interesting move considering the system didn’t make him better since he was drafted.  The Seahawks line looks solid on paper but has been injury prone all preseason. 

With the Seahawks O-line looking banged up and on a different page, the Jackson question mark at QB and the 49ers' hostile crowd lead me to give this one to the 49ers.  We will probably see a heavy dose of pass rushing from the 49ers D-line until the Seahawks O-line is decimated or Jackson is injured. 

A steady pounding of Frank Gore and dunk passes to Vernon Davis should be able to score enough points to beat the Seahawks.  There just has not been enough good in the last six weeks to prove to me this team can be on the same page in any of the next four games.  Seahawks O-line coach, Tom Cable, might want to look and see if he can poach any more of his old team's O-line. 

A thought ran through my head while I was analyzing what could be the prediction for this game: It is possible all the teams could use the first four games of the season more like a traditional preseason.  Be prepared for some ugly football.

Prediction: 49ers 17 – Seahawks 10