WWE Night of Champions 2011: Is CM Punk Losing His Star Power?

Robert KnightSenior Analyst IIISeptember 11, 2011

The fans of WWE and the IWC themselves know how powerful CM Punk is.

He has backstage influence in his storylines, his opinions matter to Vince McMahon himself, has huge drawing power and his merchandise sales are through the room. This man seems like he is on top of company and the WWE Universe.

Or is he?

The John Cena vs. CM Punk feud had something in it that CM Punk is not playing with right now: reality.

Yes, he often refers to many real life events with both Triple H and Kevin Nash but they do not have the same punching power as they have in the past. In the John Cena vs. CM Punk feud CM Punk had a lot to offer with stating the opinions of the fans right to John Cena's face.

CM Punk told him that the fans are sick of him, he is boring, cannot wrestle and pointed out the vast majority that know what he does in the ring is merely an act in the sense that he is a product of WWE's status quot. He stated he was the pillar of change and wants to make WWE fun again.

The way to do it was to remove John Cena as champion and to walk out the champion. He did just that at Money In The Bank. It was the shocker of WWE and I myself even believed WWE would find a way to mess it up but did not. The fans of WWE and the IWC were ecstatic at the possible change being rushed in and what it could mean.

The feud continued with CM Punk being gone from WWE for two weeks before returning because John Cena capturing a second WWE title that was made. From there it escalated itself every week and got better because of CM Punk's promos. When the match at Summerslam happened people expected CM Punk to win but not get screwed.

That is where WWE seemed to falter a little bit because both WWE fans and the IWC felt Alberto Del Rio should not have been champion yet considering CM Punk had only held the title for three weeks and Alberto Del Rio himself was not proving himself a top superstar.

After the occurrence WWE began the mystery to who sent the text message for Kevin Nash to attack CM Punk. The John Cena feud was abandoned after Kevin Nash cost CM Punk his number one contender shot. 

Since then CM Punk has been losing his star power in the WWE. He comes out every week and talks about the same things. He wants change, he does not believe Triple H or Kevin Nash, makes some jokes and references to their faces, the company wants him taken down and he will not let it happen.

That was great to hear the first two weeks the fans heard it but it appears that right now CM Punk is running out of things to say.

The best example of this was the press conference with Triple H. When it was announced to happen that night on Super Smackdown the fans and myself was excited to hear and see it. When it occurred a feeling overcame myself that I thought would never happen with CM Punk.


I felt bored from what I was hearing personally because he repeated a bunch of things that he had said for weeks such as wanting change, respecting Triple H but not liking him, making remarks he had made before to his face and most importantly Triple H was more believable in his role than CM Punk.

Not that I disagreed with either side of the party but when Triple H spoke I felt like he was speaking better and making a more precise argument than CM Punk. When that happens it means CM Punk himself is running out of things to say to defend his cause and that is very bad for his character.

Vince McMahon trusts CM Punk enough to allow him to go out to the ring and say whatever he pleases and I do not blame him. Every week that passes, it seems the support for CM Punk is shirking. There are  fewer chants for him, fewer reactions to him and fewer signs of wanting to see him. 

The worst part about this is WWE is putting CM Punk in that situation with his current storyline. The storyline with Kevin Nash, Triple H, and CM Punk was attention grabbing at first but as it went on it started to fall apart. Kevin Nash could not pass his physical, Triple H has been able to out mic CM Punk in some cases, and they are making it predictable again.

Predictable? How so people may ask? Simple; the stipulations they have put into place. At Night of Champions what will headline the PPV will be a non-championship match that features no disqualifications.

If Triple H wins, he wins. That is honestly boring.

If CM Punk wins, Triple H will have to step down as COO. Putting that stipulation into the match has sealed the fate of this current storyline because Triple H will and has to win. WWE will not have Triple H stand down from the COO job this quickly with the improvement they have seen since he has stepped in.

Kevin Nash will predictably interfere in the match and as I stated, who will win is predictable. Because of those factors it shows that CM Punk is starting to lose his power because he states he wants change but will not happen because of the lose. Triple H will be the one over and that will result in CM Punk having to fight to be the top guy once more.

That may sound like the CM Punk way but it is not the way the fans want it and it is not the way WWE should have gone in the first place.

The storyline seemed to develop for the sole reason to suck the star power out of CM Punk and for him to lose to Triple H. Yes, he has to eventually lose but to have him to lose in such a huge way by losing everything was not something WWE had to go with.

They hit the goldmine with John Cena and CM Punk feuding and were thrown away because WWE wanted Alberto Del Rio to hold the title when Mexico RAW shows came around.

That is the bold truth of the entire situation with CM Punk.

CM Punk is primed to be a great champion, leader of WWE, and the future going forward.

Right now, it appears that the only thing WWE wants to do is to take as much away from CM Punk that they can until they feel he should be pushed again and it has shown in what CM Punk has said, acted and the way all of this has played out.

For CM Punk fans it looks like it will be grim looking forward into the future. I do not know why WWE wants to drag out the burial of CM Punk instead of capitalizing on his stardom. CM Punk wanted change in the WWE.

I guess the WWE does not agree.

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