Michigan-Notre Dame Video: Watch Denard Robinson's Amazing Game-Winner

Ruben BalderasSenior Analyst IIISeptember 11, 2011

Michigan fans are on Cloud Nine with their team's amazing finish against rival Notre Dame. Going into the final quarter, Michigan was down 24-7 before quarterback Denard Robinson put the team on his back and drove it to a 35-31 victory that's already being touted as an "instant classic."

In this play, Robinson lobs a 16-yard pass to the end zone with junior wide receiver Roy Roundtree as his target. Roundtree fights off Irish cornerback Gary Gray and hauls the pass in for his only reception of the game with two seconds remaining.

With a flash of daring, Michigan coach Grady Hoke surprised everybody by not taking a knee, then calling a timeout, and then attempting the field goal that would have sent the game to overtime. Instead, he brazenly put the ball in his star QB's hands, icing the game in favor of his Wolverines.

This was just one of the many spectacular plays from both teams Saturday that made this game so exceptional. Special mention should be made of Robinson's 64-yard pass to sophomore receiver Jeremy Gallon immediately before this play, as it made the field more manageable and put the Wolverines in position to make a field goal for the tie in the event Hoke's gamble did not pay off.

This play ended up being the perfect end to a perfect drive, ending the perfect comeback in a perfect game. Go ahead and watch the play over and over. This was the feather in the cap of a game college football fans will be talking about for a long time.