Georgia-Auburn: Bye Week Edition

Evan WileyCorrespondent INovember 23, 2008

From the hallowed depths of Jordan Hare Stadium, the majesty of the Deep South’s oldest rivalry was evident. 

Uga VII basked under the same sun as Uga V, who 12 years ago was immortalized as he expressed in no uncertain terms that the Bulldog Nation was a force to be reckoned with. 

Nova, aka War Eagle VII, swooped majestically over the crowd, commemorating that fateful day in Piedmont Park those many years ago. 

As old as this rivalry is, it’s something of an anomaly.  It’s not angry or blood thirsty as one could say UGA’s rivalries with Georgia Tech and Florida are. 

It’s hasn’t degenerated a competition on the part of the fans to see who can behave in the most obnoxious manner as the Tennessee, South Carolina, and Florida (again) rivalries have. 

The word respect sums it up.  It is a mutual respect that brings these schools and their fans together year after year since the dawn of football in the Southeast, and it is mutual respect that shall carry it on throughout the ages.

Knowshon Moreno had his usual good game.  Georgia fans have become spoiled by his bravado, and it often seems like I hear people whining around me if he’s not getting a first down on every play. 

A.J. Green really carried our offense, making big plays and consistently gaining first down yardage.  Nothing makes me happier about the future than thinking about the fact that we have three more years of that kid. 

The air he can grab and the catches he can make may make him premature NFL material.  Cherish jewels like this game, as they may be a little fewer in number than Dawg fans like.

A major concern, though, was Bobo’s play calling.  It was unbecoming of his usual good play calls. 

Case in point, first quarter:  We could get to the 2 and have a first down.  He goes for a field goal.  It was subsequently missed by Walsh.  As much as I liked Walsh in the pre-season, I’ve realized YouTube isn’t a great indicator of a kicker’s efficacy.

Defensively, the Dawgs looked more inspired with Gino Atkins living up to his potential and Rennie Curran delivering a punishing blows with consistency. 

The D still had problems with discipline and sticking to assignments.  Later in the game, they played soft too. This cannot be tolerated by Coach Martinez. 

Auburn played a great game.  It was arguably the best all year against a conference opponent.  They were able to take it down to the wire against the Bulldogs and made UGA play their best until the last second of the game.