There Has to Be a Better Way: BCS Controversy Continues

Taylor O'BrochtaContributor INovember 23, 2008

Yet again, the BCS is in shambles and will be for the rest of the season. Think about this. If Oklahoma loses to Oklahoma State, Texas Tech is in the Big 12 championship. If Texas Tech loses to Baylor, Texas is in the Big 12 championship.

Voters these days are all about that hot team! Which team is playing well right now? Which team just put up 70 against the Citadel? Lets take a deeper look at what just happened in the AP poll.

Florida sits at No. 2. They sit above a team in Texas who lost on a dropped interception. If it had been caught Texas would be still sitting at No. 1. This was a Texas Tech team that was ranked No. 2 in the nation yesterday and is number seven in the nation now. The voters have forgiven Florida for their loss to unranked Ole Miss (7-4) in "The Swamp," but haven't forgiven Texas for their loss at Texas Tech.

Florida sits in front of an Oklahoma team that has its only loss to Texas on a neutral field. This was a game that Oklahoma led all the way up until the fourth quarter. Are you telling me that a one-loss team whose only loss is to the No. 4 team in the nation with a Heisman candidate at quarterback? Are they worse than a team whose only loss is to an Ole Miss team at home? I refuse to believe it.

Oklahoma sits at No. 3. Sure, they handed Texas Tech a butt whooping, a team that Texas lost to. But let's not forget this was at home where Bob Stoops has two losses in his career. Don't underestimate how influential a home field advantage is. That loss that you talk about against Texas Tech?

If that interception was caught this talk wouldn't even be happening. That loss was at Texas Tech and it was on the heels of a brutal stretch of games: Oklahoma at the time No. 1, Missouri No. 11, Oklahoma State No. 6, Texas Tech No. 7. Where is the break in that stretch? Let's not forget that Texas gave Missouri, the hot team at the time with the Heisman front-runner quarterback, a nice little 56-31 loss.

This system is flawed terribly! Like I mentioned at the beginning of the article, if Oklahoma loses to Oklahoma State and Texas Tech beats Baylor, the Red Raiders are in the Big 12 championship against Missouri.

What happens then? The voters will be quick to drop Texas out of the top five to make sure that a team that didn't win its championship will not make it to the national championship. They might even jump Texas Tech up over Texas. Then the question is, who plays the winner of the SEC championship in the national championship, assuming Florida and Alabama don't lose before then?

The next highest-rated team is USC who might not even win the Pac 10 because of their loss to Oregon State early in the season, so then Penn State is sent to the national championship. A team that lost on a last-second field goal to Iowa, are they better then Texas, USC, Oklahoma?

There will be no winners this year in the BCS. No matter who is decided to go to the national championship or even the Big 12 championship, it's going to be the wrong choice. We as college football fans deserve our playoff that we all so often beg for.

We have voters that will choose the hot team and forgive teams for losses to sub-par teams early in the season and punish teams for losses to elite teams late in the season. The only good that is going to come out of this season is that yet again, the BCS is going to be under a microscope. There has to be a better way...