PAC-12 Fans: What Do You Think About the OU Sooners Joining Your Conference?

Gregory RogersContributor IISeptember 16, 2011

Could the Sooners and Huskies soon be meeting inConference Games?
Could the Sooners and Huskies soon be meeting inConference Games?Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

As OU fans anxiously await the decision of President David Boren and the Board of Directors, there has been little information coming out out PAC-12 country about how they feel about this pending decision. 

PAC-12 Commissioner Larry Scott has been careful to make certain not to appear to be influencing the decision. 

The problem with this stance is that the Sooner Nation is uncertain whether his statements about not desiring any additional expansion is merely official posturing or if it truly is his position that the PAC schools do not want to have OU and OSU in their conference. 

It is expected that Colorado might balk at having the very schools that kept beating them suddenly joining them in their new conference.  Nevertheless, we only know what the media tells us. 

The conversations that have occurred over the phones and behind closed doors can only be speculated. 

Missouri, Texas Tech, Iowa State, Kansas, Kansas State and even Texas have been attempting to control the loss of the two schools from Oklahoma. 

From what we have heard, President Boren and his minions have already concluded that the Sooners should join the PAC.

Sooner fans frequently visit the fan boards of current conference teams and have a fairly good idea of what these schools prefer. 

As damaged as the Big XII is at this time, they strongly desire the conference to be preserved at nearly all costs.  Bringing BYU in as a replacement for A&M could strengthen the league but raises the question of how much and for how long. 

The leadership of the University of Oklahoma feels this is now an imperative concern. Other possible teams are available to be added to get back to twelve teams for the Big "12." 

These would include Houston, TCU, Air Force, Colorado State, Notre Dame (not likely), Pittsburg, UCF, Louisville, Arkansas and even Boise State. 

Again this begs the question of what each team would add to the conference and whether this would salvage the league for adequate long-term stability. 

Sooner fans, and undoubtedly most college football fans, are becoming weary of all of the back and forth decisions about who is going where.  The time for decision appears to be at hand.

So for the fans from Arizona, Arizona State, Cal, Colorado, Oregon, Oregon State, Stanford, USC, UCLA, Utah, Washington and Washington State, what do you want?

The fans from the state where the wind comes sweeping down the plains would really like to know.