AFL Rookies to Watch: Maurice Fountain, Utah Blaze

Alice MeikleCorrespondent IFebruary 3, 2008

Gregory Maurice Fountain is the lone player from his Manchester Wolves team to be promoted to the AFL this season. The Clemson alumnus is an aggressive pass rusher who is said to be brutal on the quarterback.

“Moe,” as he is affectionately called by his teammates and friends racked up 13 sacks this past season and was one of the most sought-after defensive ends during the AFL free agency period.

Fountain earned several team and league honors and has his sight set on the Utah Blaze where he will compete for a roster spot. He will have great veteran leadership on the defensive line from players like Dwayne Missouri and EJ Burt.

When I caught up with Moe, he was on the way to the gym to get in his last off-season workout before leaving for camp in Salt Lake City with the Blaze.

Here is a peek into this rookie’s soul:

Where do you call home? Camden, South Carolina

What is the name of your hometown newspaper? Camden Chronicle

Favorite hometown hang out: Club Rio’s famous for their house music

NFL Network or ESPN: ESPN, Sports Center

Favorite local gym: La Fitness, Atlanta Georgia

Favorite artist and CD: Jay-Z’s Blueprint

What is your pre-game routine? Listening to music and visualization of the game plan based on film, stretching and jogging; praying before game with thoughts of his grandma and aunt.

Who do you admire in the NFL at your position? Shawn Merriman, Demarcus Ware and Julius Peppers

Which coach has made a lasting impression on you? Defensive Line Coach Thielen Smith, Clemson University

Which NFL Team do you follow? Philadelphia Eagles

Pet peeve: Being ignored

Fourth of July or Valentine’s Day: Valentine’s Day

Turf or grass: Grass

Who's in your entourage? Leroy Hill (Seattle Seahawks), Justin Miller (New York Jets), Kyle Browning, Travis Pugh (Clemson teammate), Vonnie Holiday (Miami Dolphins/Clemson teammate), Charlie Miller, Gerald McCloud, Vontrell Jamison (former Dallas Cowboys/Clemson teammate), Brian Mance (Philadelphia Soul/Clemson teammate), JJ McKelvy (Utah Blaze/Clemson teammate), and Kelvin Morris (Utah Blaze/Clemson teammate).

Alone on an island for 30 days with no food, what three things would you need to have? A machete for protection and hunting, camouflage for hunting, canoe with paddles to go sailing and to search for water.

AFL player you'd like to play against: Beau Elliot of the Chicago Rush.

Have you ever tried yoga? No, but I'd like to.

Who is your toughest critic? Myself.

Do you trash talk? Yes, but keeps it within the line of scrimmage, no personal attacks.

What is a “pancake”? Offensive lineman engaging with a defender and drive him into the ground.

What are the three most important things in your life? Jesus, family/friends and self motivation

Words to live by: Every day you choose to slack off, your opponent gets better.

Maurice and the Utah Blaze start training camp on Wednesday, February 5, 2008.