Ted Thompson Gives Early Christmas Present to Packers Fans: Playoff Elimination

Don ZakCorrespondent INovember 24, 2008

With the end of the Green Bay Packers' regular season hopes of a .500 record already fading, the Monday Night Football loss solidified an already discounted season as finished. 

With the loss, the Packers fall behind the Philadelphia Eagles in the Wild Card hunt. At 5-6, the Pack's only chance of making the postseason is to win the division.

For all of you Aaron Rodgers and Ted Thompson lovers early this season (you know who you are), I hope you are happy at the mess this season has become. 

In four seasons in Green Bay, Ted has managed only one winning season and no Pro Bowl selections. Impressive enough to dismiss a three-time NFL MVP and heart and soul of the team in Brett Favre.

Giving up 51 points in such an embarrassing manner is only the pinnacle to such a tumultuous season. 

As I have stated before and will state again, getting rid of Brett Favre was and is a mistake and we Packers fans are now paying the price of Ted Thompson's megalomaniac ways for this season and probably next, as well.

So many questions emerge after this debacle.

How does Mike McCarthy go from Coach of the Week to Embarrassment of the Week?

Will Ted Thompson receive NFL GM "letdown of the year award?"

Will the New York Jets go to the AFC championship game?

Why couldn't the linebackers cover anyone in first, second or third down situations?

As much as I love the Green N' Gold, this loss retires all chances of a post season effort for the Packers.  From inconsistent play to poor game planning, the Packers are looking ill-equipped to beat even the Detroit Lions (a game I have tickets to see!) 

Disclaimer: I am no fan of Ted Thompson (see my earlier articles) nor Little "Lapdog" Mac and while Aaron Rodgers is decent at best, believe Brett Favre wrote his own ticket to stay in GB as long as he wanted.