NFL Week 2: Random Thoughts and Observations

Steve PContributor IISeptember 21, 2011

HOUSTON - NOVEMBER 09:  The NFL shield logo on the goal post during play between the Baltimore Ravens and the Houston Texans at Reliant Stadium on November 9, 2008 in Houston, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Some things from Week Two's NFL games that occur to me:

Are those really the Buffalo Bills I'm watching? 

Stopping teams on defense and putting up points on offense are what I've become accustomed to seeing opponents do to the Bills, not the other way around.  Still, It feels like this week's game against New England is the first true test.  Ought to be interesting to see what happens.

Seeing the Jets against Jacksonville, I have to continue to wonder, just what is the offensive identity of Rex Ryan's team?  Perhaps just as importantly, how will they do if Nick Mangold is indeed out for a few weeks?

Watching Reggie Bush try to run between the tackles is still painful to watch, or mildly amusing, depending upon your point of view.  It's almost like watching a cartoon character run into a wall and slide down it.  Rookie Daniel Thomas however, is a different story: he might just be the real deal.

Yes, Pittsburgh rebounded from their loss to Baltimore in convincing fashion by throttling Seattle.  But it might be best to consider how bad Seattle really is. 

They look inept on both sides of the ball, and Tarvaris Jackson looks less like a bona fide NFL quarterback every time I watch him.  Not only does one have to wonder how bad Charlie Whitehurst is if he can't even get into the game for a look in the fourth quarter, but what did Seattle ever see in him in the first place?

And I still need to see the Steelers play well against a real contending team before I can really judge who they are.

Cleveland intrigues me in the sense that I am curious how they're going to look by Week 6.  Are they going to be the team who blew a lead against the Bengals, or the one who seemed to handle the Colts easily?  My first thought is somewhere in between.  I have to wonder if that will be good enough to convince Mike Holmgren that Colt McCoy is his quarterback of the future.

How on earth did Baltimore manhandle the Steelers so convincingly and then come out so flat on Sunday?  It is a hard to believe that they spent that much emotion Week 1. If they did, John Harbaugh had better remind them that the season is a marathon, not a sprint.

Okay, I may be getting way ahead of myself here, but the question of what the Colts would do if they found themselves in the position to draft Andrew Luck is an interesting one.  The opportunity to have a quarterback of Luck's caliber learn from Peyton Manning would have to be tempting.

Todd Haley's grip on his job may have gone from tenuous to a foregone conclusion with the season-ending injury to Jamaal Charles.  With Charles, they may have had a chance to right the ship and buy Haley one more season. 

Without him, not so much.

Tom Coughlin always seems to have the Giants playing well enough to win, even if they don't always look pretty doing it.  That, in my eyes, is the mark of an excellent coach.  If the Giants should dismiss him at the end of the season, he will probably be in high demand if he chooses to coach next year.

Dallas went into Sunday's game banged up.  They come out resembling a MASH unit.  Both starting receivers are hurt, with Miles Austin already out for Sunday.  Felix Jones has a separated shoulder and Tony Romo has a cracked rib and a punctured lung. 

If that isn't bad enough, it's Redskins week in Dallas. 

Considering these two teams always throw down like a pair of heavyweights when they get together, the Cowboys have to hope they don't come out of this Sunday's game in even worse shape.

Speaking of the Redskins, that can't really be Rex Grossman at quarterback, can it?  I'm waiting for the clock to strike midnight and for Grossman to turn back into a pumpkin.  That does have to happen somewhere down the line, doesn't it?

Mike Vick suffers a concussion on a play that saw him not running around like only he can, but staying in the pocket, where Andy Reid would probably prefer him to be.  Proves that it can happen anywhere, anytime on the playing field.

Coming back from being so far down at halftime definitely shows the character of the young Tamps Bay Bucs.  It probably also proves that the Vikings will need to turn the offense over to Christian Ponder at some point this year.

It was neither a surprise, nor a perceived cause for concern when Green Bay surrendered all those yards to New Orleans—one of the most prolific offenses in the NFL.  But to allow Cam Newton to tear them up like that should be worrisome.  The Packers have to find a pass rush from someone other than Clay Matthews, and with a trip to Chicago coming up, they had better find it fast.

The Lions are becoming not just a good team, but one very entertaining to watch.  It will be a good measurement of their defense to see if they can contain Adrian Peterson this week.

I realize he's far from the most popular guy in the Bay Area, but from where I was watching, it seemed like the defense was more at fault for losing that game than Alex Smith.

As much as I saw many folks picking the Rams to win the NFC West this year, I saw a team Monday night that just isn't ready to hang with the big dogs.  With an arm like Sam Bradford's, I'd think they would do something to find the guy a true threat at receiver. 

I can't believe I'm suggesting this, but Terrell Owens might look pretty good in the offense.  Not that I'm his biggest fan, but if the Rams want to be a real threat, he might be someone they should look at.

I admit to not being entirely sold on him yet, but Kevin Kolb has looked pretty good thus far in Arizona.  How he looks when they get around to playing one of the better teams in the league might be a different story, but the appearance is that the Cardinals may have solved their quarterback problem.