Ottawa Senators: Taking a Jab at Ray Emery

Dino MoriAnalyst IFebruary 4, 2008

He floats like a butterfly, stings like a's not Muhammed Ali NHL fans, its Ray Emery.

Sugar Ray, the Ottawa Senators' netminder, is making headlines for all the wrong reasons, and it won't be long before this first place team deals him.

For the second time in two weeks, Emery got into it with a teammate during a Senators practice. 

The Hamilton native was upset because teammate Chris Neil kept trying to jam home a loose puck underneath his pads.  The two exchanged a few 'f-bombs', nearly came to blows and had to be separated by defenseman Andrej Mezsaros.

Neil has been outspoken about Emery's off-ice antics and there is a definite rift between the two.

A couple of weeks back, Emery and Brian McGrattan, aka Ali and Joe Frazier, threw some punches with one another.

Emery's battles aren't just with teammates; it is also with his coach, John Paddock. 

Paddock, the Senators' head coach, is unhappy with his goalie’s work ethic and Emery’s ability to get to practice on time.

During a recent road trip to Long Island, Emery was late after going to the wrong practice facility.  He was fined by the hockey club, but didn’t quite learn his lesson; he was also tardy the morning following a Senators game against the Nashville Predators in late November.

So, not only is Emery unable to read a clock, but he can't stop a puck either. He has only eight wins, against eight losses and three ties so far this season.  He has an inflated goals against average (3.01) and low save percentage (.889). 

I give Emery props for one thing though—he does have a nice picture of The Greatest, Muhammed Ali, painted on his mask. 

But Emery’s acts on and off the ice in the nation's capital have been less than stellar.  

The Senators should trade him before the February 26 deadline.