Tim Tebow: Why He Will Be the Broncos Starter by Week 5

Jayson LoveCorrespondent ISeptember 21, 2011

will Tebow replace Orton?
will Tebow replace Orton?Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Tim Tebow already has been the subject of a biography, Through My Eyes by Nathan Whitaker, despite never winning a starting quarterback job in the NFL.

He had one of the most heralded college careers in NCAA history.  He was a part of two national championship teams at the University of Florida—leading the team to the championship in 2008.  He won the Heisman in 2007, and was third in Heisman votes in 2008.

His squeaky clean image, and religious background, has made him a role model, and he was even featured in a Super Bowl ad that had mixed reviews for its conservative content.

In short, he has become a larger than life figure despite not really making an impact beyond college, but all that may change.

The perfect storm is brewing for Tebow to become Denver's starting quarterback.  I believe this will happen by Week 5, when Denver takes on the San Diego Chargers.

First, you must consider that Tebow was a first-round pick.  Despite the experts' opinion that Tebow was not fundamentally sound enough in terms of throwing the football to be a quarterback in the NFL, the Broncos' regime, led by then coach Josh McDaniels, drafted him, first-round, 25th overall.  He was projected as a second round pick.

First round means guaranteed money—the Broncos are on the hook to pay Tebow through 2014.  So basically, the team is committed to Tebow for the next three seasons beyond this one.

At some point, the guy will play.  You can't pay him over a million dollars per year to sit.

Second, the Broncos are not a good team this year.  Despite a 1-1 record, the Broncos hit the road for two tough games and face the very realistic possibility of being 1-3 after playing at Tennessee and then at Green Bay.  Even if they split, they would still be 2-2 with another tough home game with San Diego.

That may keep Tebow on the bench one more game, but should they fall to 2-3, that could change.

The team didn't exactly commit to Kyle Orton this offseason either.  Coming off a 4-12 season, the team only signed Orton for a one-year deal for $9 million.  $5.5 million is guaranteed. They clearly don't see Orton as the long term answer, which is good news for Tebow supporters.

Finally, Tebow has the support of the fans.  Not only were they chanting for Orton to be replaced by the second-stringer at last Sunday's game, but reportedly a group of fans are seeking to purchase "pro-Tebow" (or more accurately, anti-Orton) billboards. 

While of course, the fans won't make the decision for coach John Fox, you have to believe that the anti-Orton fan sentiment has to have some affect on the head coach.