The Rose Bowl: A Marriage Gone Bad

James ColtCorrespondent INovember 25, 2008

The Rose Bowl is considered the "Granddaddy of 'em all" among the bowl games.  Right now it's a granddad that needs a divorce. 

The Rose Bowl is like a marriage that started out with lots of passion that made everyone stand in awe.  However, as the years have gone on, the passion has burned off, leaving people to only reminisce of what once was.  Now the old couple only co-exist and stay together because after so many years with one another what would be the point of a divorce.

Well in the case of the Rose Bowl it would be to recapture the glory and passion of what was once the greatest game of the year.  The solution is simple too.  All the Rose Bowl needs to do is divorce the Big-Ten.

Since the turn of the century the Big-Ten has gone 1-5 in Pasadena, and if you are one those "know-it all" types and consider the new century 2001 because of the lack of a year 0, then the Big-Ten is a big goose egg for 5.

This record is the meaning of the word futility in sports.  The Big-Ten has become the Notre Dame of the Rose Bowl.  Not only has the Big-Ten lost in their last five trips to Pasadena, but they have lost by an average of 14 points per game.  Ouch!!

So what should the Rose Bowl do after giving the Big-Ten the boot?  First they go ahead and keep the Pac-10 for obvious reasons like location and success in the Rose Bowl of late.  Then they could take some time to play the field.  Why not, they deserve to have some fun after being in such a long term relationship. 

If they decide that they would just rather go and find a suitor right away because being promiscous just isn't their style, well I think I have the perfect one for them.

The Big XII made it's debut in the Rose Bowl in 2002, and was a real dud.  They laid out their first pick up line and it got shot down, but it wasn't by the Pac-10 or Big-10, but Miami from the Big-East at the time.  Nebraska, in the 2002 National Championship, was like the nerdiest guy in the bar hitting on the super model.

However, the Big-XII was very persistent, and in its next three attempts was able to impress the Tournament of Roses.  First, was Oklahoma the very next year in 2003 which wound up pounding Washington State 34-14.  OU showed the Pac-10 what domination is truly about.

Then came Texas two years later in 2005.  It took Michigan a little while to be hooked, but by the end of the night they belonged to the Longhorns.  Texas performed so well they took another shot the very next year at the best that the Rose Bowl had to offer, USC.  Like a well written love story these two went back and forth at each other all night before Texas finally won the Pac-10 over.  Oh, and by the way, it was a game that many consider the best ever played. 

Now the Tournament of Roses has gone back to its old ways.  No more running around on each other.  And what has been the result of that?  Two lack luster games in which the Pac-10 has walked all over the Big-10 by an average margin of 23 points.

So today I implore everyone to make it known to the Rose Bowl that it should make a clean break from the Big-10 and join it's new passionate lover, the Big-XII, because after all 12 is greater than 10.