WWE: What's Next for The Miz & R-Truth After Supposedly Getting Fired?

Josh BarnettCorrespondent ISeptember 24, 2011


WWE has an excellent opportunity here, if they handle it right. Many people are assuming that Miz and R-Truth are a part of a conspiracy, along with John Laurinitis, to take over WWE from Triple H. 

I originally came up with a plan for the company, based on the possibility (and assumption) that both these men could actually be fired and gone for good. It could, in my mind, be better for the company, as it would give an opportunity for guys like Mason Ryan and Drew McIntyre to have some TV time. But I cannot argue now that both of these men are decent draws to the show.

Along with the firings of Miz and Truth was another firing, just a few weeks before, that of Kevin Nash. All of these men now have one thing in common, a big bone to pick with WWE COO Triple H.

After Nash returned, a WWE.com reporter wrote an article about a possible return of the NWO, as Nash came out to their old music.  At first I was afraid of this potential angle, because WWE will be going through San Antonio Texas really soon. My thought was that the Clique coming to power would be similar to Immortal in Impact Wrestling. I'm not totally sure CM Punk did not suspect this also.  But that fear was alleviated by Nash coming out at NOC and coming after Triple H first, and not giving special help to his long time friend.

Nash could be poised to join forces with Miz/Truth to reform the NWO. A trio of rebels who will not listen to authority and just take cheap shots. Maybe using the red/black wolfpack theme music. 

Another angle is that the two fired men join under John Laurinitis. Don't be surprised to see these men back hired by Laurinitis. This potentially could be the catalyst Laurinitis uses to create a Survivor Series team lead by these two man.

Another rumour suggests that they may not be back until the Cena/Punk/ADR match in HIAC. This potentially makes sense because it is the only other PPV before the Survivor Series.

There is also a possibility of a Mr. McMahon return. Most probably in cohorts with Miz/Truth and Laurinitis. It makes more sense to have Mr. McMahon running things more than the talent relations guy. JR might still hold that job if WWE wanted anyone in that spot to run the co.

Survivor Series in MSG is being billed to be one of the biggest of the year, in a continued attempt to do the unprecedented and keep anticipation for the Rock/Cena WrestleMania bout.

Survivor Series could see them teaming up on Triple H's team, with Miz and R-Truth as the angry heels who feel neglected.