Hockey Canada: It's a Fashion Nightmare!

Zahir ACorrespondent INovember 26, 2008

When Olympic hockey begins in 2010, Canadian fans may notice a significant change to the look of their beloved team. If things remain as they are, Hockey Canada will not be allowed to use their logo in Vancouver. 


The reason is stated within the Olympic Charter: federation logos are NOT permitted on uniforms. 


Hockey Canada President, Bob Nicholson has taken the issue to the International Olympic Committee. However, his determination seems to have fallen on deaf ears.


As unfortunate a circumstance as this is, it also allows for innovation and renovation. A new logo is required, and perhaps it is time for a return to the past. My fashion sense is nowhere near Vesa Toskala quality, but I will provide the Bleacher Creatures with some classic jerseys that DO not feature the Hockey Canada logo as the primary crest.


Let’s hear your opinions on some of the best looking jerseys that Canada has to offer.

1972 Summit Series Jersey


Worn during the most famous series in hockey, this jersey HAS to be on this list. Shades of Esposito, Cournoyer and Mahovlich could inspire Team Canada on their home soil.


Fans compare Ken Dryden and Carey Price all the time, but can you imagine the pandemonium if Price makes the team? Andy Frost will be smiling from his broadcasters’ booth in the sky, and wishing that somebody on the roster was named ‘Henderson’.


How will the Russians respond to the Ghosts of Hockey's past? The media frenzy over that match-up, will be documented for years to come. That ’72 September to remember will come to life once again.


These jerseys uniquely have ‘Canada’ printed on the backs, and not a player name. I guess this means that players WILL be playing for the name on the back, and not just the colours on the front.


This jersey has historic appeal, success and a creative image that can only be described as 70’s Disco Fever, and I speak for everybody when I say: We Want The Funk.

1987 Canada Cup Jersey


On August 7th, 1987, Sidney Crosby was born. A month later, Canada had captured the cup named in its honour. Those who remember the tournament can recall the play of future superstars Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux.


The jersey may be a fashion throwback, but if you are going to wear something that has HALF a maple leaf on it, you need the skills to back it up. Gretzky even said that his Canada Cup performance was the best hockey of his career.


Now would you not want to wear a jersey that even had “The Great One” playing at the top of his game?


The Canadians took four out of the five classic Canada Cups in this jersey and only lost to the Russians in 1981. Both the red and white jerseys look good on the ice, and they will definitely inspire the young crop of forwards on both the men’s and women’s squads.

2006 Alternate Black Jersey


This particular jersey combines both the past and present with its black colour. The piping and striping are both modern, yet the primary logo is a throwback to the 1960’s amateur teams.


Interestingly enough, it is possible that the Vancouver Olympics may be the last for professional hockey players. The IOC would prefer to return Olympic hockey to its roots, making room for the amateurs.


But as long as the NHL players are still playing, they might as well pay homage to the amateurs before them.


Hockey Canada has also released a ‘red’ version of this alternate black sweater, which could serve as the team’s primary jersey for upcoming international exhibitions. You cannot argue with a big red maple leaf on an even redder jersey, but I the black looks sharper.


The black jersey might not be worthy of primary status, but it should definitely be considered as the best alternate for Team Canada.

1920 Winnipeg Falcons Jersey


The list would never be complete without the jerseys donned by the first Canadian Gold Medal hockey team. This group of amateurs played in the first modern Olympics, and crushed the competition.  


The team was inducted into the Manitoba Hall of Fame, joining such notable names as Terry Sawchuk and Bobby Clarke. However, this article was never about the fame, so let’s talk about the colour scheme.


It is ‘mustard’ yellow, and that is about all you need to know. I am all for ‘throwback’ jerseys, just as long as viewers do not throw ‘up’ in the process. They were brought back during the 2004 World Cup of Hockey against the United States. Canada won that game 2-1, but I am sure style points were not included in the box score.


Who knows though, one last game might be special. Ken Hitchcock could even don a Mustard suit and we could call him the Colonel. I dare any coach to challenge him to a duel.


All kidding aside, this jersey is the ultimate tribute to the 1920’s team. There are rumours that the original Falcons team will be honoured at the 2010 games. The last surviving member passed away in 1991, but they remain an important part of Canada’s hockey heritage.



Well, that’s the list and you can take your pick. I left some jerseys out because they did not stack up to the competition.


There is also a chance that Hockey Canada may come up with a radically new design. I am all for more creativity, as long as the logo remains a Maple Leaf.  




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