Randy Orton: Why WWE MUST Punish Him for His Huge Botch

Robert KnightSenior Analyst IIISeptember 25, 2011

I wrote two articles about the botch during the Randy Orton vs. Cody Rhodes match.

The first article featured a link to the bloody pictures of Cody Rhodes being busted open from the botch and the second featured an analysis of the edited version compared to what actually happened, along with how the PG product effected it.

This one is very plain and simple: Randy Orton should be heavily punished for this tremendous botch.

What happened to Cody Rhodes was real and his injuries are real. Cody Rhodes lost a huge amount of blood and even on the edited version blood can be seen coming out of the point of impact.

Had this been any previous era in wrestling this would have looked like a blessing in disguise. It would have showed off how brutal Randy Orton truly is and why he is a big threat at Hell In A Cell.

However, WWE is in the PG Era and that means this was not supposed to happen on any scale.

WWE could have chosen a better way to show off Randy Orton going back to being off his bolts with a simple assault with a chair or a beat down outside the ring and then putting him through the announcers table.

Instead, they decided to have him be assaulted with the timekeeper's bell.

Even a fake shot or a light tap with it would have hurt like hell, but Randy Orton botched it completely and broke open the back of Cody Rhode's skull. He bled everywhere and everything he touched was soaked in blood. It took a little while for the blood to stop flowing. 

That is just a small amount of blood shown
That is just a small amount of blood shown


Cody Rhodes, even with the botch, finished the set by getting RKO'd on the seemingly indestructible announcers table. If WWE were truly serious about enforcing the PG product, they would not let this incident go as an accident and hope for better next time.

WWE should go to Randy Orton and punish him for this botch that could have potentially cost Cody Rhodes his career.

That is not an exaggeration. Something like this could kill any man, let alone a professional wrestler. WWE should do something. They can fine him heavily, suspend him for a period in the near future or both—anything of that nature.

By not doing so, the WWE is telling their talents that top talents can get away with any botch, no matter how serious. The sad thing is that there is a feeling that WWE will not do anything to Randy Orton because of this.

What makes it sadder is that Vince gets crazy over small things like his name getting mentioned or a table not breaking.

Vince will get mad about those things but will not do anything serious about a serious matter like Randy Orton's botch. The fact that it just happened is not an excuse either because it was an avoidable one by simply questioning if this was a way to go to put over Randy Orton. 

Even in the past, Randy Orton has done serious things that should have gotten him in trouble big time with WWE, but nothing was done. One of them is when he tested positive for Performance Enhancement Drugs (PEDs). But since he was in a big storyline, they let it go like it never happened. 



Another was when he went on a talk show and buried many of the superstars on it, including WWE Diva Kelly Kelly. He later apologized to her but sources backstage said that had this happened to anyone lower than Randy Orton, they would have possibly been fired for it. 

WWE has to show Randy Orton that he can not keep making these huge botches and follies and get away with them anymore. A sit-down-and-talk session is not going to do anything. WWE must fine, suspend or do something to him to prove to the backstage and other talent that no one can get away with something this bad no matter who they are.

If they do not, it will not only continue the belief backstage that top talent can get away with anything not matter what it is or who they are, but it will also show WWE management does not have a spine. Worst of all, despite what happened to Cody Rhodes, there will not be any justice for what was done to him.

Cody Rhodes alone deserves to be shown that something will be done for what happened to him. I got a feeling, however, that will not happen.

Not surprising, but a damn shame indeed.