CM Punk and John Morrison Should Form a WWE Stable

Richard TilleyContributor IIISeptember 25, 2011

In the midst of this conspiracy storyline with CM Punk and Triple H, it seems that CM Punk has the odds stacked against him. Between opposition from Laurinitis, Triple H, R Truth, The Miz, and Kevin Nash, CM Punk has his hands full. Not only that, but how is Punk going to deal with all of them?

That's where John Morrison comes in.

Remember in 2006 when DX reformed to battle against Vince McMahon? Well that's exactly how things could work out with John Morrison and CM Punk. Morrison has been getting more and more depushed lately and the blame could all be directed at John Laurinitis. John Laurinitis is pretty much the number one suspect for the conspiracy thats going on between Triple H and CM Punk also.

Where does this all lead to? Miz and R Truth being rehired and attacking John Morrison for confronting John Laurinitis. It all comes down to CM Punk coming to Morrison's rescue to even the odds out, forming a new stable for the conspiracy storyline.

Not only would it be a good push for John Morrison, they would work great together both inside the ring and outside the ring. Remember how good of a mic worker Morrison was when he was a heel? If they brought that Morrison back and made him an antihero directed at Laurinitis, The Miz, R Truth, and Kevin Nash. Cocky Morrison combined with the edgy talk of CM Punk would be golden for promos.

The in ring work between the two would be fantastic. John Morrison could take to the skies with his usually acrobatic style and CM Punk would school opponents with technique. In the same way that DX did the Superkick into the Pedigree, Punk and Morrison could do the GTS into Starship Pain.

In the end, Morrison and Punk teaming up would be a great move by Creative.