Inside The Lines with Rookie Elex Reed of the Cleveland Gladiators

Alice MeikleCorrespondent IFebruary 5, 2008

Elex Reed (6-5, 295, Mary Hardin-Baylor) earned several team and league honors/awards for the 2007 AF2 regular and postseason. 

Elex received the coveted 2007 AF2 Defensive Lineman Of The Year, and was a huge part of his team's success this season.  In one of his career high games, Reed collected 2.5 tackles, including one tackle for a loss, blocked two extra point attempts, and had an interception, which he returned for 18 yards.

In the first round of the AF2 playoffs, Reed set a new AF2 playoff game record by sacking the quarterback 3.5 times against Arkansas. He also forced two fumbles and recovered another during the first playoff game in franchise history.

During the regular season, in Week 3, Reed set the AF2 record for most sacks in a single game, bringing down the Texas Copperheads' quarterback six times. In 2007, his first AF2 season, Reed led the league in tackles for loss during the regular season with 25, and finished second in the league in sacks with 17.5.  

During the AFL Free Agency period, Elex was interviewed and evaluated by about ten AFL teams and in a difficult decision, chose the Cleveland Gladiators.  Elex recently moved to his new home in Cleveland, and will be a rookie to watch during the 2008 season. 

As usual, I got into his head to find out the things that makes him tick.  Here goes… 

What is the name of your hometown?  

Mexia, Texas 

What is the name of your hometown newspaper? 

Mexia Daily News  

Your favorite hometown hang-out?

The Lake, where I go fishing.

NFL Network or ESPN?


Hometown Gym? 

Moe's Gym.

Something most people do not know about you?  I have won several medals as a amateur boxer and my brother Max is training for a national title fight and is thinking about the competing in the Olympics.   

Favorite song? 

Dreaming by Young Jeezy.

Who do you admire in the NFL at your position? 

Michael Strahan of the New York Giants.

Which coach made a lasting impression on you as a young player? 

[High School] Coach Clay Ard.

Favorite Quote Ever Heard? Courage under pressure. 

Pet Peeve? 

Pretentious people.

Who do you admire? 

My mom, Clarissa Reed.

Who is in your Entourage? 

Terrance Martin (Cleveland Gladiators), cousin Cody Batterall and brother Max.

Alone on an island for 30 days with no food, what three things would you need to have? 

Good book, fishing pole, and some bait.

What were you doing last year this time? 

Attending school.  [Elex will graduate this fall with his MBA.]  

I am sure there is an AFL player out there that you will love to play against, if so, who is he? 

[Former Bossier City Battle Wings teammate] Jason Schule of the Tampa Bay Storm 

Boxing or yoga? Yoga.

Most memorable moment in the off season? 

Visiting with the various AFL Teams, meeting the coaches, front office staff and interacting with other players.  

Where is the Defensive Player of the Year Trophy you won last season in the AF2?

Safely packed away in storage.  I'll bring it out after the final roster cuts are made, to remind myself of what brought me to this point.  

Turf or grass?


Your interpretation pancake? 

Being "laid out" by the Offensive Lineman. 

Your one signature move? 

My quick slide 

Fourth of July or Valentine Day? 

Valentine's Day. 

Look for this Gladiator on a television screen near you come March 2008.


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