Fantasy Football Week 4: 3 QBs To Sell High Now

Craig RondinoneCorrespondent ISeptember 27, 2011

Trade Hasselbeck while he's healthy and productive.
Trade Hasselbeck while he's healthy and productive.Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

You know that quarterback on your fantasy football team who throws for 300 yards and a couple scores every week that you cannot imagine to keep up this pace over the course of the entire season?  Well, it is time to trade that guy away!

Three weeks into the NFL season is the perfect time to buy low and sell high with quarterbacks, especially the "sell high" part. While everyone is whipping passes around like they are a clone army of healthy Peyton Mannings, not everyone in the NFL is going to throw for 4,000 yards and 30 touchdowns. Some of these quick starters are going to crash down to reality shortly.   

Here are three quarterbacks you should sell high faster than you can say, “Stop whining, Michael Vick!”: 

Matt Hasselbeck, Tennessee Titans

Hasselbeck and favorite receiver Kenny Britt had developed a Hans and Franz kind of chemistry during the first two weeks of the season, which led to Britt leading the AFC in receiving yards and helped Hasselbeck look like an early contender for Fantasy Comeback Player of the Year. 

But now that Britt tore two ligaments in his knee this past weekend and is gone for the season, Hasselbeck’s receiving corps has been leveled harder than if Ronnie Lott had hit it. Other than veteran Nate Washington, no other Titans receiver has more than five catches after three weeks. And Tennessee is not loaded at the tight end position, either.  In fact, the New York Giants laugh at the tight ends Tennessee has.       

Hasselbeck has two other things going against him. One is that eventual Pro Bowl tailback Chris Johnson will remember how to run, which coupled with the Britt injury will likely turn Tennessee back into the run-first offense they have been over the past several seasons.

The other thing going against Hasselbeck is his injury history. It is storied to say the least. He has only stayed healthy for a full season once over the past six years. At 36, he is probably just as big of an injury risk as Vick is at this point.

Hasselbeck averaged 311 passing yards per game over Tennessee’s three contests this season. If you think he is going to keep that up all year I have some stock in Bank of America to sell you.     

Ryan Fitzpatrick, Buffalo Bills

I know, I know! How can you trade Fitzpatrick when he is Kurt Warner, Warren Moon and Drew Brees rolled into one awesome fantasy quarterback and is on pace to finish the season with 4,480 passing yards and 48 touchdowns? 

Because Fitzpatrick is not going to finish with 4,480 yards and 48 touchdowns, that’s why! The Harvard grad has a lot going for him—young, talented receivers, a good offensive scheme and obviously brains—but there will be a couple roadblocks stationed in his way from here until the end of the season.

Roadblock No. 1: Mother Nature can be a real bitch in Buffalo. There are going to be some November and December games where Fitzpatrick might have awful passing days because of blizzard conditions. If you think he is a lock for weekly 300-yard games late in the season then you must believe in global warming.

Problem No. 2: The schedule does Fitzpatrick no favors. He has to face the New York Jets twice, the best pass defense in the NFL and a team that limited Fitzy to 128 yards in a game in 2010. He also has to play at San Diego, at Dallas, Philadelphia, Tennessee and has one more game against New England. You think Bill Belichick will allow him to throw for 369 yards again?
I am not saying you should trade Fitzpatrick for Ryan Torain and a kicker. But now would be the perfect opportunity to trade him for a top-flight running back (if you have another great quarterback on your roster) or package him with somebody else to acquire one of the premier quarterbacks in the league. Can you con someone into Fitzpatrick and Santonio Holmes for Aaron Rodgers?  Now is as good of a time as any.      

Rex Grossman, Washington Redskins

“Sexy Rexy” has been looking as sexy to fantasy owners as Jessica Alba during the opening three weeks of the season. After being labeled as one of the worst starting quarterbacks to own by many fantasy experts before the season started, Grossman has far exceeded most people’s tempered expectations. 

Grossman has thrown for 846 yards and five touchdowns so far. That’s more yards than Matt Schaub, Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco or Eli Manning and more touchdowns than Philip Rivers, Tony Romo or Ben Roethlisberger. Just induct Grossman into the Hall of Fame now. 

But this is Rex Grossman, people! The man who has turned interception throwing into an art form (45-43 TD-INT ratio for career). The man who fumbles when you breathe heavily on him. The man who has played in double-digit games just once since his career began back in 2003. 

Like Dr. Phil always says, the best predictor for future results is past results. That means Grossman’s fantasy value should be hitting a brick wall within the next few weeks. Do you want him on your fantasy team when that fateful Sunday happens, or do you want to deal him now and let some other sucker play him for his four-INT game that you know is going to happen? 

Winning in fantasy football depends a lot on the buy low/sell high philosophy. You trade players when their fantasy values are at their highest points and you acquire players when their price tags are at their cheapest, Target-like levels. You do that and you will be primed for fantasy titles at the end of the season.