The Argument for Texas' BCS Hopes

Taylor GramAnalyst INovember 28, 2008

Lately all over ESPN has been the talk of if Oklahoma beats Oklahoma State, whether the Sooners they should leapfrog Texas in the BCS polls.

Oklahoma dismantled Texas Tech, Texas Tech edged Texas on an incredible Michael Crabtree play, and Texas went to Dallas and beat Oklahoma. It's like we're living a reality show!

Let's break this down. Texas (ranked No.3 at the time) went to neutral Dallas in the Cotton Bowl and upset the No. 1 Oklahoma Sooners. Texas Tech (ranked No. 7 at the time) hosted Texas in Lubbock in one of the best games I have seen in recent history, where they beat the No. 1 Longhorns in the final seconds of the game. Texas Tech jumped to No. 2 and were completely demolished by the No. 5 Sooners.

So here's the question: Who should be on top?

Texas Tech has been left out of this talk for two reasons. One, they never reached the No. 1 position, and two, they let Oklahoma step all over them.

The argument for Oklahoma is that they destroyed Texas Tech, who beat Texas. The only problem in that insane logic is that Texas already beat Oklahoma.

The Longhorns and Sooners met in the Cotton Bowl for the Red River Rivalry in a 45-35 thriller. Before this win, Texas wasn't talked about much with Alabama and Oklahoma, even though they were positioned at No. 3. 

In their time at No. 1, Texas beat up on No. 6 Oklahoma State. Oklahoma claims if they beat the Cowboys they should move up. News flash OU! Texas already did that too! The Longhorns also beat No. 11 Mizzou in one of the hardest stretches of games that a No. 1 has ever played.

Here's the problem for Texas. They traveled to one of the most hostile place I have ever seen, Texas Tech. Fans rushed the field on several occasions and almost cost Tech the game in the end. Texas Tech kept up and even led the Longhorns throughout the game, and never let up.

The Red Raiders traveled down the field with little time left and escaped defeat twice on dropped interceptions. Against all odds and physics, Michael Crabtree made the most amazing catch I have ever seen, dodging defenders and tiptoeing the sidelines into the end zone.

If Texas' defense could've held up in the end, we wouldn't even be having this conversation.


Notable wins for Oklahoma

TCU 35-10

Kansas 45-31

Nebraska 62-28

and of course, Texas Tech 65-21


Notable wins for Texas

Arkansas 52-10

Oklahoma 45-35

Missouri 56-31

Oklahoma State 28-24


So why should Oklahoma jump Texas? Your guess is as good as mine.