Oklahoma Football: An Open Letter to Oklahoma's Shot Callers

J.D. PatrickCorrespondent IOctober 1, 2011

NORMAN, OK - SEPTEMBER 24:  The Oklahoma Sooners gather before the start of the game against the Missouri Tigers on September 24, 2011 at Gaylord Family-Oklahoma Memorial Stadium in Norman, Oklahoma.  Oklahoma defeated Missouri 38-28.  (Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images)
Brett Deering/Getty Images

Something I don’t normally do is write these things in the first person, however I feel it’s important that I only speak for myself as many Sooner fans may not necessarily feel the same way.

We have one of the best administrations in college athletics.  I personally don’t believe there is a better AD in the country than Joe Castiglione, and hope he retires from Oklahoma, but not for a very long time.  David Boren has also been very instrumental in the success of the University both athletically and especially academically.  His persistent pursuit to make Oklahoma a more respectable university academically hasn’t gone un-noticed by anyone.

That said, David Boren is the one that put our fan base in the precarious situation we are in.  Had he not come out and said things like Oklahoma wouldn’t be anyone’s “wallflower”, Sooner fans probably wouldn't resemble Missouri fans so much (reference their plea for the B1G).  There wasn’t a sports page out there that didn’t have an article about how the Big 12’s fate was in “Oklahoma’s hands”. 

All the while, those in Austin just chuckled, knowing Oklahoma wasn’t going anywhere.   I hope David Boren knows that the overwhelming majority of us fans consider this only a small “blip” on his otherwise stellar performance at his job.  We also hope he sticks around for quite a while longer as well.

However his philosophy in regards to re-alignment is flawed.  Why he wanted to pursue life in the PAC was curious to begin with.  Oklahoma is most definitely a more natural fit in the SEC and that is where we belong.  The folks out west don’t have near the passion for the game of football as the folks in Oklahoma.  This is no knock on the fine folks on the west coast, it’s just that there’s probably a little more to do out west than in Oklahoma.  Only recently has the state acquired it’s first professional franchise.

The SEC on the other hand has fan bases every bit as excited about their programs as Oklahoma is.  The SEC is a better geographic fit for Oklahoma than the PAC is.  The SEC is also a better academic and cultural fit than the PAC.   The competition would no doubt be a little stiffer, but Oklahoma most certainly wouldn’t be anyone’s “wallflower” on the field.  Just ask Texas.  They have all the power, money, and recruits, yet all the titles reside in Norman.  

I have read too many Sooner fan comments on how they would just prefer to remain in a conference where it would be “easier to win championships”.  Those Sooner fans need to go and become Oklahoma State fans.  Oklahoma has never run from competition, rather embraced it.  Does anyone know why the 2000 National Title run tasted so sweet?  It was because we had to go through highly ranked Nebraska, Texas, and K-State (twice) to get there.

There’s also the perception that they're recruiting in the SEC is a cesspool.  Great, let it be.  It won’t effect what Oklahoma does in recruiting.  Oklahoma has always recruited nationally.  A move to the SEC would only make Oklahoma a more attractive place to go for great football players.  Oklahoma could possibly even help clean up the SEC's recruiting image.

So basically what I’m asking is for our administration to reconsider their stance on the SEC.  Oklahoma State will be just fine without Oklahoma.  They are an up and coming program, and would stand a better chance at success without Oklahoma around.  The SEC is where Oklahoma belongs. 

Of course the rumor is the SEC doesn’t really want anymore “power programs”, and would much rather add someone like Missouri because of that.  However if President Boren were to give Commissioner Slive a call on Monday, I’m almost positive they could get it worked out.