NFL Players Who Should Not Consider a Modeling Career

Ryan CallahanAnalyst INovember 30, 2008

In the NFL, players are usually seen with their helmets on. Many people do not even know what their favorite players look like in person, but only identify them by their number or the way they play on the field.

However, many NFL players are better off keeping their helmets on. At least they are lucky enough to have a helmet. NBA players cannot hide their face! (Joakim Noah) Here is a list of the players who should probably keep the helmets on, and possibly consider using a visor.

Marshawn Lynch, Running back, Bills- My man looks like the Geico caveman. The grills he wears usually don't help the look either.

Terrell Suggs, Linebacker, Ravens - You know when your own team votes you as the ugliest, you got a problem.

Pat McQuistan, Tackle, Cowboys – A pair of brothers grace us with their pretty faces on the list. This offensive lineman for the Cowboys just might be the scariest person I have ever seen.

Paul McQuistan, Guard, Raiders– The second of the McQuistans, Paul unfortunately is on injured reserve this season. The mullet is looking great on him! Here is another picture: The brothers reunited! I am glad I haven't had the privilege of meeting these boys' parents.

Mark Tauscher, Tackle, Packers – It seems like there is a trend here; offensive linemen look good!

A.J. Hawk, Linebacker, Packers - Get a hair cut! Are the Packers trying to claim the title of ugliest team?

Colt McCoy, Quarterback, Texas Longhorns – I am happy to announce that we have a future NFL player to add to the list of the NFL’s ugliest! The Longhorn QB is only a junior but has said he will possibly explore his draft options after the season.