WWE Hell in a Cell Preview: Alberto del Rio Will Be Champion Again

Luis HerreraAnalyst IOctober 2, 2011

The main event of WWE Hell in a Cell is a match with several characteristics never seen before.

This will be the first Hell in a Cell match that is also a Triple Threat: WWE perennial champion John Cena vs WWE new top star CM Punk versus WWE's worst used wrestler in 2011, Alberto del Rio.

It’s a match that is supposed to end all controversy surrounding the WWE Championship.

No more two champions at the same time; no more one new champion while the past champion still has a rematch clause; no more having an “Undisputed” champion that is actually very debatable.

And while most fans expect John Cena to keep the belt or CM Punk getting the title back, I actually think Alberto del Rio is going to become a two-time WWE champion.

Sure, the way these three stars have been booked in the past months, the Mexican Aristocrat is by far the weakest link on this match.

But here is one advantage for Del Rio: John Cena and CM Punk are now equals, so it wouldn’t be a good move to book one of them to prevail over the other, especially with a third party involved.

If Cena wins, Punk’s push is effectively over; he would have to settle with being the No.2 face in RAW, while his role in the big picture would diminish.

On the other hand, if Punk wins, that would be his third PPV victory over Cena in three months; I really doubt Vince McMahon is going to let his top money-maker look so “weak”.

Enter Del Rio in a match in which he is not restrained by rules, and we have a way out.

Usually, when one face goes against two heels, the heels work together at first to take him out but then turn against each other, which the face takes advantage of to escape with the victory.

In this case, we have two faces that don’t like each other, so the heel can make use of this situation to be the winner.

We also have to consider the very big possibility of outside interference, which definitely would work on Del Rio’s favor.

And of course, there is the little tiny detail about the WWE going on tour to Mexico in a couple of weeks, so it may be good having a Mexican champion.

One could ask: if the WWE wants a Mexican champion going to Mexico, why letting him lose in the previous PPV?

The answer: to set the triple threat in this PPV.

If Del Rio had beaten Cena, it would have been more difficult to justify having the three men in this match, as Punk would have been entitled to his rematch, while Cena already had his.

At this point, we know the WWE doesn’t really care about having short reigns (Rey Mysterio’s 90 minutes reign probably set a record, except for Money in the Bank victims) or giving multiple championships to a new superstar (Sheamus, Christian) in a short span.

Alberto del Rio will recover the WWE Championship tonight; it’s his destiny… but you already know that.

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