WWE Hell in a Cell Preview: A Good Reason Why Evil Sin Cara Should Win

Luis HerreraAnalyst IOctober 2, 2011

Sin Cara vs. Sin Cara. Evil vs. Good. Black Mask vs. Blue Mask. Hunico vs. Mistico. Impostor vs. former impostor.

The match many lucha libre fans were waiting for is finally here; we may agree it was a bit rushed, but we’ll have to live with it.

You probably are already familiar with the story behind this feud: years ago, Good Sin Cara stole Místico’s gimmick from Evil Sin Cara (check this article if you want more details), who had to change his name to Incognito and later Hunico, so now he will take revenge.

Ojo por ojo, diente por diente.

This match has the potential to be a show-stealer, although I admit it also has big botch-risk.

To be honest, I expect this to end in a draw or at least a controversial ending; I don’t see this feud ending tonight, not two weeks before the TV tapings at Mexico City.

But let’s say we actually have an indisputable winner tonight: it has to be Good Sin Cara, right?

He is the worldwide superstar; he is the money-maker; he is the one who gets instant cheers from the fans, no matter if his botches make the IWC unleash the hate.

The logical result: Good Sin Cara wins, Evil Sin Cara reveals himself as Hunico/Incognito/however-you-want-to-name-him.

But I’m starting to thing it actually would be more interesting if Evil Sin Cara gets the victory and the rights of the name.

After all, he already revealed his identity; if he loses, then what?

Here is the key of why a defeat for Good Sin Cara would actually work: Místico.

Evil Sin Cara referenced their previous gimmick during his promo on the past SmackDown and that has to meant something.

It was the first time the name “Místico” was mentioned on TV since Good Sin Cara was signed.

As you probably know, Mexican promotion CMLL owned the rights over the name, so Místico had to become Sin Cara for his WWE debut.

But what if the WWE and the CMLL reached an agreement for the trademark?

After all, the CMLL knows they can’t use Místico again, so it makes more sense to get a good deal for the rights.

And if that happens, Good Sin Cara could afford to lose tonight’s match, then come back (maybe in Mexico City) under his original gimmick.

The WWE already made a lot of money selling Sin Cara merchandise; they can double it bringing back Místico.

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