Dear Mr. President-Elect: Five Reasons Why We Shouldn’t Have a Playoff

Kenny CruteCorrespondent IDecember 2, 2008

Shortly after the historic Presidential Election, ESPN was kind enough to air a brief interview with President-Elect Obama, and gauge his thoughts on a few sports related topics, one of which being the current BCS system in Division 1 College Football.

The President-Elect, and the popular consensus, with the exceptions being University Presidents and Bowl Committees, is that a playoff system is needed in order to determine a true National Champion.

Dear Mr. President-Elect,

I humbly submit the following reasons for you not to get involved with NCAA Football and our highly effective BCS system:

Reason No. 5: Implementing a playoff system would cause Rich Rodriguez to further bemoan his current plight and place even more blame at the feet of his players.

No one likes a cry baby, so the notion that the current players were more to blame for the dismal season at Michigan than the coach or staff is a little out of bounds. Not to worry, one more season like ‘08 and the Wolverine faithful will give “Coach Rod” a first hand view of the underside of a Greyhound heading out of Ann Arbor.

Reason No. 4: A playoff system would prove that teams from Conference USA, The WAC and The Mountain West really don’t belong on the same field as BCS Schools.

Don’t know about you but I am particularly excited about seeing a BYU vs. Texas or Utah vs. Alabama on New Years Day. Any doubt about how ugly that would be, refer to last year’s Sugar Bowl. Thanks for coming Hawaii. Hope you enjoy the lovely parting gifts.

Reason No. 3: Notre Dame would somehow devise a formula that would land them a permanent spot in the playoff system, regardless of standing, and have the first round game hosted by Regis Philbin. The Golden Dome-ers own a major television network, NBC (No Body Cares or Notre Dame Broadcasting Company you pick), and they could once again claim their rightful position as the most relevant team in Division 1 A. Wake up the Echoes!

Reason No. 2: College football fans would no longer be treated to the likes of the Emerald Bowl, Eagle Bank Bowl, or my personal favorite Meineke Car Care Bowl. University Presidents would truly be distraught if they could not align their schools with prestigious sponsors like the afore mentioned few.

What comes in the Players’ Swag Bag from these Bowls? Maybe a bag of Emerald peanuts (large), a free checking account with no fees, or $20 bucks off a new set of tires and an oil change, that’s what.

Reason No. 1: A playoff in Division 1 A would force college football fans to watch a few highly competitive games, between teams from different parts of the country who rarely if ever compete against each other. This would be a tragedy in the highest form. No one would want to see Florida take on USC, or Alabama against Ohio State. Those would be terrible games to watch.

Maybe we would have to suffer through Florida State playing Penn State, although this game could feature Bowden vs. Paterno in a stone circle death match at halftime.

So you see Mr. President-Elect, the state of college football is fine for all fans. Who needs a true champion? Perhaps we should scrap the whole season or sport and have a competitive spelling contest instead. What’s that Sir? You say that even a spelling bee has but one winner? My bad Sir.



The First Fan