Twins Make Offer to Casey Blake

John MeyerContributor IDecember 4, 2008


Joe C. of the Star Tribune reported last night the Twins have made an offer to free agent Casey Blake.

Christensen reports that the offer is a two year deal worth $6 million a year with an option for a third year. This is a swift move for the Twins as teams have been waiting to see how the market settles. But their interest has been clear since the start of the offseason.

The Los Angeles Dodgers appear to be the only other team in on the Blake sweepstakes. The Twins’ offer seems pretty fair to me, but Jayson Stark says this about Blake’s desire for a guaranteed third year:

The Twins and Dodgers both have essentially been told that if they’ll add a third year to their two-year proposals, they can reel in third baseman Casey Blake. It will be interesting to see whether either says yes. So far this winter, the only teams that have given free agents deals of three years or more are clubs that were retaining their own player (the Cubs with Ryan Dempster, the Yankees with Damaso Marte). The Dodgers, obviously, would fit into that category with Blake.

It appears that either team could lock up Blake if they’re willing to add a third year, but I think it’s clear that neither team wants to. I hope the Twins stay firm in the offer and only give the option for the third year. Blake will be 35 to start the season and I don’t think we need a 38-year old third baseman starting for us in 2011.

I believe the Twins will want to wrap up this negotiation before next week’s winter meetings, so look for more to come. Also, check out the Werner Bros. look at Casey Blake.