Chips and Salsa Theory

Jordon TefftCorrespondent IDecember 4, 2008

I love chips and salsa. In fact, I finished a bowl just minutes ago. While eating, it hit me chips and salsa are just like soccer.

Let me elaborate. I start off trying to put enough chips to match the salsa. Then when I'm eating away, I either run out of salsa before I run out of chips or vice-versa. This time, I ran out of salsa first.

So I went into the kitchen and got more. Next thing I know, I have more salsa than chips.

Now for the soccer reference.

Euro 2008 was full of attacking flair. The snappy passing was something fans couldn't get enough of. Just like salsa! Its kick excites the taste buds that makes one want more (honestly, ever eaten just one scoop of salsa then call it quits?).

Two years earlier we witnessed what was one of the most defensive World Cups ever. Every defense was different. Some were tough and edgy while others were brittle and frail. The fact that it was the World Cup kept fans watching but was hardly entertaining. Just like the chips!

By looking back at the major tournaments it is easy to pick out which were the chips and salsas. Coaches seem to be trying to get an even amount but running out of one. Grabbing some more just to be out of the other next time.

A constant rotation of chips and salsa shortages!

We are bound to see the trend continue. Watch for it!