Dallas In Need Of West Coast Offense

CAPTAINSES numberContributor IDecember 4, 2008

The Dallas Cowboys are in need.

They need to go back to their west coast style. They need to get Terrell Owens back into their offense. Last year T.O. had 1,335 receiving yards, 81 catches and 15 touchdowns—he was a flat out beast. This year he has 62 catches, 887 yards receiving and eight touchdowns. See the difference? I think everybody does.

When they get T.O. the ball it opens up the run game for Marion Barber III. Then no one in the NFL can stop the Dallas Cowboys. If the Cowboy's offense stays on the field, and the defense stays off it's home free for the Boys in Blue.

Do you see what happens if they Cowboys go back to the West Coast—things open up. And the other team is screwed.

Last year the Cowboys took the NFC East crown with ease when they were in West Coast. This season, they are struggling to make the playoffs.

It looks bad for the Boys in Blue, but I guarantee that the Boys will take it home. They were my Superbowl pick at the beginning of the year and my pick till the end. How 'Bout Them Cowboys.