TNA Bound for Glory 2011 Review: How the Company Finally Lost Me as a Fan

PS SinghCorrespondent IIIOctober 17, 2011

Anyone who watches Impact Wrestling regularly will tell you that these past few years, it hasn't been easy to be a fan of TNA Wrestling. With the Knockouts, Tag Team and X Divisions becoming shadows of their former selves, the main event chocked full of people over  the age of 50 and, of course, all the backstage politicking, it's a wonder that I was able to remain a fan this long.

But the absolute nightmare last night that was TNA Bound For Glory 2011 was the final straw. I, PS Singh, am officially giving Dixie Carter and her company the boot.

You see, since 2006, I'd been a huge fan of TNA. They seemed to be a company on the rise, chock full of talented young stars and layered with some of my old favorites. I used to watch the show almost every week, reveling in the fact that I had a legitimate alternative to a PG-headed WWE. But then, around late 2010, things changed. And change came in the form of Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff. I, of course, was very worried when I heard that TNA had hired two of the three main guys who helped destroy WCW (they made the third one head of Creative).

Still, despite the changes that they made early on, I didn't have too many complaints-other than the removal of the six-sided ring—and I continued to regularly watch TNA.

But after the debut of Immortal, the show started to interest me less and less. Pretty soon, I'd stopped watching Impact Wrestling every week, only tuning in a couple times a month to watch my favorites, including AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Beer Money and Kurt Angle, and reading blogs and dirt-sheets to keep up with storylines.

Still, I was hoping for change. And after watching my old favorite Robert Roode get pushed to the moon I truly believed that change would finally come at Bound For Glory 2011. I expected TNA to give us perhaps their best pay-per view of this year. I expected Hulk Hogan to walk away in defeat. I expected AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels to give us an I Quit Match that would make John Cena jealous. I expected Kurt Angle to put over Robert Roode in perhaps the greatest match of 2011. I expected TNA to remind me why I had been a fan of them for five years.

So I paid them $50 last night (I sometimes stream online, stop hating), sat back and watched.

The first few matches weren't bad. I could care less about Mexican-America, so I was a bit disappointed when they won. Aries vs Kendrick was decent as was the triple threat between Joe, Morgan and Crimson. Nothing special yet. Both matches were won by the right man (Aries and Crimson) in my opinion.

RVD vs Jerry Lynn Full Metal Mayhem was, to put it in layman's terms, a botchfest. All it really did was make me feel like both these two-especially Lynn-really should start contemplating retirement. RVD won after a Van Terminator.

The Falls Count Anywhere match between Ken Anderson and Bully Ray was actually the match of the night (sad, I know). They clearly botched the ending, but still, great effort by both guys. I'm not sure where Anderson goes from here though. Bully, I believe, will start feuding with Abyss.

So far it was an OK night; I was sightly disappointed but I didn't really care too much as I was anticipating the main event.

The Knockouts title match came next. I wasn't expecting much here, but I was happy for Velvet's win. She may not be the best wrestler, but I love those damn pigeons. Also, I'm thinking Winter and Angelina will end their gothic-lesbian thing soon. Seriously, if they aren't gonna make out onscreen there's just no point in having it.

Then came my first major disappointment of the night. AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels gave us the second worst I Quit match I've ever seen (the worst happened earlier this year). The ending was absolutely ridiculous. Styles hit Daniels with the Styles Clash and threatened to stab him with a screwdriver. Daniels then quit, begged AJ not to hurt him. He then ran backstage. AJ was fairly pissed, and just as he was leaving, Daniels came back and hit him with the Angel's wings, before telling him "You can't beat me." You probably think I'm making it sound worse than it was. It was actually worse than I made it sound.

Then came the main event, Hulk Hogan vs Sting for control of TNA! Wait, What? That wasn't the main event? Damn it Hogan, you lied to me again.

Anyway, this match was painful to watch. Hogan's face turn at the end made little-to-no sense and the fact that fans still buy into his crap makes me sick. That's all I'm saying about this match.

And then came the main event. Robert Roode had been built up like an absolute beast in recent weeks, all the fans loved him, the company seemed to be behind him and this night really seemed like it would be his. I believed we would see him win after an amazing 25-plus-minute match between him and Kurt Angle.

Instead, what we got was a 15-plus-minute match that featured the some of the worst in-ring storytelling I've ever seen. Seriously, the whole match was basically ankle locks and crossfaces, with a Fisherman suplex, some German's and a couple angle slams layered in. There was not one instant where you thought the match would end until the actual end.

The match and the PPV ended with Robert Roode losing controversially to Kurt Angle on the biggest night of his career.

I know, he'll get a rematch. Hell he may even win. But this was Roode's night. Him winning would have given us something great to remember from this abysmal show (No, Hogan's face turn was not memorable, in fact it was exactly what happened at WrestleMania 18 only not as cool). Instead, TNA opted to send it's fans to bed in disappointment.

All in all, this PPV gets a 2/5 from me. Good hype, but lackluster performances and some disappointing endings ruined Bound For Glory 2011 for me. And sorry TNA, but I won't be watching this week. In fact, I won't be watching for a while. Get rid of Hulk Hogan, then we'll talk. Until then, you have officially lost yourselves a fan.

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P.S.: Yes, I did hear about Roode's shoot on fans who feel like I do. And sorry, but I don't really care. I will not be watching any full episodes of Impact Wrestling in the foreseeable future. I'll probably watch  segments and matches that feature Styles, Daniels, Aries, Roode, Storm and Samoa Joe. Other than that—sorry, Dixie.